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Twitter Vultures Try to Cancel Pewdiepie... AGAIN!!

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  • 게시일 2022. 07. 30.
  • Twitter is at it again trying to cancel Pewdiepie for the most absurd reasons possible. You're about to see some of the most unhinged takes of your life in this video. Truly sad how hateful some people are. In any case, we're going to make fun of them.
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  • The Act Man

    Twitter is the only place where some people see no moral difference between offending someone and committing a mass shooting.

  • Mischief
    Mischief   +15

    Twitter users never fail to get offended over literally nothing

  • Grälmakaren

    Just wanna point out, Pewdiepie treated the deaf woman as any other woman while twitter treated her as a special case because of her disability. . .

  • ‎

    he literally said “i dont like her nails” and did a cute/funny voice that he always does for his dog and twitter went “OH SO YOU HATE BLACK DEAF PEOPLE??”

  • Leadkiss
    Leadkiss  +245

    That one disabled guy just instigating shit on Twitter and being basically untouchable because the twitards would break their own rules to make fun of him is amazing. A true warrior.

  • Ani
    Ani  +1

    As a person with a disability, this seriously makes me facepalm hard. This is ultimately embarrassing. It would've been one thing if scarlet may just took PewDiePie's word when he said he didn't know and moved on but no, she continued to paint him as a bad person and expects him to take accountability when that was exactly what he did. Like what the hell did you want him to do? Did you want him to keep the clip up? I am so happy I left Twitter. Everyone there will just cherry pick any harmless thing they say and manipulate it in an evil narrative. To me I think scarlet was being sensitive, pretty ungrateful and pretty unfair. Getting the wrong idea about something is one thing, sticking to that wrong idea after being corrected is a whole another form of stupidity.

  • Dimintheis
    Dimintheis  +206

    "People get over their divorces faster than you" That made my day, great vid Act Man!

  • PixelDrixxle

    calling these people "vultures" is a huge insult to actual vultures

  • СФЯViD
    СФЯViD  +111

    gotta love how people on twitter talk so much about love and accepting people for who they are and then proceed to be specialist on hating and wishing death on people they don't like

  • mkultra
    mkultra  +158

    I’m on the spectrum. When I was little, I was nonverbal and did not socialize at all, so essentially I was disabled. According to doctors and many other people in my life, I’ve come very far to be here.

  • Elden_Beast

    The Act Man got canceled and he came back stronger than ever. Thank you for your awesome content Act Man

  • Hartsock The Conqueror

    Gotta respect Pewdiepie. When he does fuck up, he takes actual action and apologizes and doesn't blame anyone but himself from what I am seeing. Not too many people like that now a days.

  • Stivo The Mad

    These people will always find a way to make EVERYTHING about race and/or disabilities a person may have. Even if none of those aspects are ever mentioned about that person. Because it's those exact people that care so much about race to the point of insanity.

  • MankoMan

    Twitter made toxicity monetizable. These people exist to be laughed at. Countering their points is not something worth wasting your time on.

  • db_524
    db_524  +48

    This is the many reasons why I’m never, ever, under any circumstances making a Twitter account, not even a private Twitter account. Twitter is a cesspool of toxicity and people who are willing to cancel anyone based on hearsay and rumors, not actual proof and context. And it also brings out the dark side of people you’d never expect to see (including the famous), that can take a harsh toll on you. I’m a part of the disabled community (Autistic) and a half black woman, and have been a fan of Felix since 2014, he’s a good dude. I feel bad that he’s constantly being “canceled” for ridiculous reasons, and for reasons he already addressed and apologized for years prior, no wonder he deleted his Twitter account. I forgave him for the bridge incident in 2017 and condemned him for it all at once at the time. (The WSJ fiasco was BS btw, he’s innocent there). I’ve been through cognitive dissonance with the horrible people I once had in my life, it sucks. Good video, Kelly.

  • Nikita Kress

    I love it how people demand others to change and apologize, but as soon as other people change and apologize, the first group just goes "NOPE! SCREW YOU!"

  • SongBird
    SongBird  +19

    To anyone who actually feels burnt out about this kind of stuff, just remember that the minute you decide to remove yourself from that environment is the minute they stop having any say in your life. These mobs have no authority, being "cancelled" isn't the threat people think it is, letting them effect you is a choice.

  • Eklipse
    Eklipse  +9

    I remember being called a homophobe on Twitter because I was having a soccer debate with a supporter from another team who just happened to be gay because I responded to one of his tweets with the 🤮 emoji. A soccer debate. Nothing to do with sexuality.

  • Idkjordash

    Twitter is just the collective of people that used to call themselves “that bitch” to all their friends in school and took it to heart

  • dagothex

    The willingness to ruin a persons life over one mistake is disturbing.