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HALO INFINITE IS OUT BABY!!! With Hidden Xperia, MrRoflWaffles, TLex

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  • 게시일 2021. 11. 14.
  • Halo Infinite BETA LETS GOOOOO!
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  • John Cunningham

    No joke, playing the multiplayer tonight after work just really makes me want to play the campaign lol. Sorry Dr. Disrespect, I'm 31 years old so I know you think that's impossible, but it's true.

  • Soul Nomad

    Way MP is looking it's safe to say Halo won't be dying without a BR any time soon.

  • Jason
    Jason  +1

    THE ACTMAN and MR T LEXIFY playing together for one of the most hyped games in years!!!

  • Marcos Maurício

    Acting Male's wife gives birth

  • winter
    winter  +362


  • Four Dozen Eggs

    This is my first Halo multiplayer (grew up on PlayStation and switched to PC) and I am having so much fun with it. Unlike COD where I'm afraid of moving an inch because of the TTK, I'm actively going for objectives and can hold my own. I've been missing out for so long. It's insane that the multiplayer is free.

  • Jambr0
    Jambr0  +340

    The game feels sooo good, but how the hell did they think this progression system was ok? It’s so much better in literally every halo game with maybe 5 being the exception

  • Stephen
    Stephen  +554

    This game is so much fun to play. Halo is back in business and it feels so good.

  • matet
    matet  +904

    "Guys, oddball is great and all, but why don't we have an oddball battle royale" my fucking sides man holy shit

  • Krispy Toast

    Never thought I'd ever see MrRoffWaffles and The Act Man

  • Wealthy Bone

    Never would I ever expected Actman to be playing with my favorite cod zombie youtubers like MrRofWaffles and MrTLexify, like what world am I living in? I must be dreaming someone punch me!

  • Beans
    Beans  +332

    As a new Halo Player I'm enjoying it. I just pre-ordered the Halo Infinite Campaign and I'm hooked.

  • Pancake God

    Halo Infinite feels real good can't wait to play more. Thanks for the stream Act Man!

  • xKapitanDB
    xKapitanDB  +114

    finally being able to play this after waiting for so long, it heals my soul. I had so much much hope and this is the best Halo has felt for me since Reach. Halo is back and I'm pumped!

  • Tony ManFlash

    I had a little but of fun when 2042 was released for early access, but after playing Halo I'm like, "Holy shit, I'm actually able to get some kills and engage in gunfights more than just walking and hoping to not die from nowhere?" Good thing I had EA Play Pro subscription, so I don't feel like I wasted a lot of money for nothing.

  • Patrick Campbell

    Unreal how this and the Halo TV series getting a trailer both being released today (15/11) exactly 20 years on from Halo CE’s release causes Nostalgia overload

  • Danner
    Danner  +5

    We need someone to stand up against this horrible progression and customization system. Someone to be the voice of the Halo community. We need… The Act Man

  • Endervslender

    Playing the MP, felt like Halo 3 all over again.

  • The Passionate Gamer

    Man Halo is back! Best feeling Halo I've played in so many years. The map design is top notch and the gunplay is oh so satisfying! I'm hooked.

  • RS Dillbot
    RS Dillbot  +197

    This game is really fun but it definitely need match xp