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Feminists & SJW's VS. Video Games

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2017. 07. 26.
  • Feminists and Social Justice Warriors have raged war against our beloved hobby: Video Games. Saying they cause sexism, racism and all sorts of terrible shit. And after the whole "video games cause real violence" debacle, it's time we laid this conflict to rest. The War Against Video Games ends here. Check the pinned comment for time stamps
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    Here is a list of the channels I got some of my videos from, compiling them all would make the description ridiculously long and tedious so here are the star players. I recommend checking them out if you haven’t before! Course, not Anita, she’s established garbage.
    This vid in particular had a lot of good points and sound bites:
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댓글 • 28 589

  • The Act Man
    The Act Man  5 년 전 +18

    ___________UPDATE 8/28/17___________

  • Ricky Nova
    Ricky Nova 년 전 +7

    As a kid, I feel I'm not represented enough in GTA. 0/10 racist towards kids.

  • CIA
    CIA  +3

    "The more a teenage boy play video games, the more likely he will develop sexism"

  • Daddy D
    Daddy D  +1

    SJW: "I'm offended because there aren't enough poc in this game"

  • Srg Pugsly
    Srg Pugsly  +551

    “Mario is an unfair italian stereotype”

  • Tuna Plays

    "You can't have a female being saved by a male! It makes females look weak!!!"

  • ToyMom OfThree

    I'm a mother of a 19f and 12m and this ENTIRE ISSUE comes down to PARENTING!! My son loves GTA V, I play with him, we talk, he's aware ITS FICTION!! Stop blaming the games for every damn thing.....he likes to pew pew, earn money, customize his world.....IT AIN'T THAT DEEP!!

  • Furby McKay
    Furby McKay 3 년 전 +4

    Feminists: More video games need to have strong female leads!

  • Canceled

    “A person who points out racism in something that isn’t intentionally racist, is the racist one”

  • FaFaFa FaFaFa

    "Skin tone doesn't define by culture"

  • Cody Snowden

    "God, I remember growing up, every time I started a new game with a stupid female protagonist I just uninstalled immediately. ESPECIALLY if they weren't WHITE!!!!!"

  • Luis Palucha

    Me and my family are Italians, and we love the stereotype of Mario, every year for Halloween my grandfather and his brother dress up as Mario and Luigi, seeing as my grandpa is short and has the moustache like Mario and his brother is taller like Luigi, it’s perfect and we always love it

  • Soap Dood
    Soap Dood  +38

    As a straight male gamer, I can confirm that I enjoy gaming 100000000000000000000000000x better when my girlfriend also plays. Then we get into that zen mode where we are working together on something and it’s just fucking excellent. Fuck yeah man. This video slaps.

  • TheCarlos3107

    I’m a Latino and I would be offended if a job hired me because they were trying to fill a minority quota.

  • Floop The Volcano

    I remember hearing that Far Cry 3 reinforced the "White male Savior" stereotype.

  • ELDiabloDR 21
    ELDiabloDR 21 21 일 전 +11

    (5 years later): My favorite part of this video (apart from the actual content lol) is that he refers to minorities as colored people, because saying “people of color” is the same fucking shit, but lefties and sjw’s cant see that lol. Good on you sir!

  • S R
    S R  +6

    You have… NO IDEA how happy I am to hear Bastila used as an example for some of this stuff. She’s pretty much my go to for a well written female character, because she’s a character first

  • TextheFlex
    TextheFlex  +125

    I don't think people talk about this enough, but video games are basically the antidote to repression. It gives people an opportunity to vent all their inner evils in a place that can't actually hurt anyone, have a good time doing so, and then confront the emotions attached to them in a healthy way. It helped me fix a lot of my anger problems, by showing me how to control them to be better at aiming in FPS games

  • D.R
    D.R  +12

    Stupid how the people that are "Against racism" are the one that care the most about the color of the skin

  • lil dirt
    lil dirt 2 년 전 +1

    Dude, non of these feminst wouldn't last a day in a mw2 lobby.