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  • 게시일 2022. 07. 12.
  • Back in the building. Blow your horns
    Song - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th715...
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댓글 • 16 008

  • The Act Man

    Mothafuckas blow your horns

  • Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius

    Thing is you shouldn't have been demonetized in the first place, nevertheless I'm glad you got it back!

  • RH Automotive

    KRclip has been a real let down since all of this kicked off, it just shows how they don't care about creators or users of their platform. I'm just glad I found this channel and you've been reinstated ❤️

  • TPike777
    TPike777  +831

    Glad to see this, YT still sucks at handling 90% of the situations on the platform but at least we can rest easy knowing the Act Man is back to stay.

  • Keeleon Ohms

    YT doesn't deserve applause for "doing the right thing". They still deserve to be reviled for what they pulled in the first place and how long it took to be corrected. You only got fixed because you have a large audience and loud friends. YT does this to small people every day with zero recourse.

  • Ryan
    Ryan  +706

    Wish YT could be held liable for decisions they turn-around on, especially when it costs creators their due income. Great job YT, once again showing us your principles...

  • Ben Kannangara

    As happy as I am for this being resolved, it still cannot be understated how disgustingly handled this was by KRclip as a whole company. Despite countless support from the community and other content creators on this platform, they still somehow managed to choose the worst outcome they they possibly could’ve incarnated.

  • Drain
    Drain  +6

    Welcome back. If Quantum can get away with all the shit he's done and still be monetized you shouldn't even be having a problem.

  • Benjamin Foley

    This man has been through hell and back, he is back and better than ever. Keep up the good work Act Man.

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart  +374

    this feels like Phoenix Wright no longer being disbarred from being an attorney.

  • ShujinQ
    ShujinQ  +34

    Glad to see you’re back homie. YT has always been atrocious at handling any kind of issue on its platform. They might keep a close eye on you so just be careful what you post/say

  • bryce sullivan

    YT Has no more crediablity for me anymore I have seen too many of my favorite creators be pushed around and treated like they don't even work on the same level, honestly happy to see you got your channel back you deserve it Act Man

  • Limpfall 13

    I do not know the reasons why he was demonetized but I know he deserves money for the work he does. I only seen your channel in the last few years and your energy and care you put in your videos shows a lot.

  • Jim Weeden Jr

    I’m super disappointed in YT still for how they handled this - but I am LEGIT stoked to see this channel rightfully monetized again!!!

  • Toshi Biswas

    As a wise man once said. “The only time a lawyer can cry is when it’s all over.” Glad you are back dude

  • PopstAhri the Sparkly Nine-tailed Fox

    This situation has been a shit show for you, but I'm so happy for you! They still need to boot that other twat off the platform, but you did absolutely nothing to warrant the garbage you were put through. Congratulations, Act Man!

  • Jace Crawford

    Good for you! Very happy this was resolved. Should not have happened in the first place but at least you can continue doing what you love

  • Toasty Wafflez

    Let's go I am actually so happy for you man this got me all excited. This situation shouldn't have happened in the first place, but you pushed through it and I really appreciate you for not giving up on this channel it has helped me through some really rough times. Let your youtube reign continue.

  • Mr. Orange

    Congratz man for being remonetized, bloody well deserved!