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Playing Elden Ring For The FIRST TIME!!

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 02. 23.
  • Elden Ring is finally here and it's actually real!! GET HYPED!
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댓글 • 804

  • The Act Man

    I cut out the pre-show so it should just be the gameplay now!!

  • Ra.N
    Ra.N  +872

    I love how the entirety of Fromsoftware's fanbase from every souls game is celebrating Elden Ring.

  • Lørd Particle

    The progression in this game is so palpable. From being scared to death by a troll to easily taking it down in a few hits is so satisfying

  • Nate F
    Nate F  +2

    Act Man... you have league of legends on your desktop. I don't know if i should keep watching your videos tbh

  • Rickert Vimbrant
    Rickert Vimbrant 14 일 전 +5

    This made me feel better after my parents fought. Thank you Act Man.

  • Ali Hasan Abdullah

    Damn you're holding up pretty well considering how underlevelled you are for the bossfight. I went into the Margit fight with a +4 weapon and promptly got my ass kicked.

  • js100serch

    I loved watching all those player ghosts running outside the little chapel at the beginning, when I played the game for the first time, I don't know, it felt really special. Like, we were all together, side by side, playing Elden Ring for the first time, after the long wait. Then I put the game offline because reading "But Hole" messages all the time kinda ruins the experience for me xD

  • ChadCuzBad
    ChadCuzBad  +297

    Can’t wait for the “why elden ring is so… AWESOME!?!?” Vid to come out

  • Pog Tuber
    Pog Tuber  +15

    I've almost beaten the game and it's kinda fun watching someone play it without all the hints and tips videos that were released to help with all the beginning stuff. To me the hole seemed obvious, as well as the direction to take right off the start toward the church, but even seasoned gamers like ACT Man missed some of the cues the developers put in... like the first NPC literally telling you to go toward the castle lol. Also I never understand why people close tutorial popup messages and then ask a question minutes later about how to do something when it was clearly just fucking explained in the popup that you just cancelled.

  • Akira
    Akira  +430

    Actman, I can’t wait for your: why is Elden Ring so awesome video in the future!

  • Will Jonassen

    If Dark Souls rested on classic mythology, Bloodborne rested on Lovecraft, etc., then Elden Ring has been giving me the constant vibe of things like The Never-Ending Story, Narnia, maybe even a little Labyrinth with David Bowie, and other of the weirder fantasy settings from the eighties. That said, as a result the outlandishness of a character like you created somehow manages to become the perfect fit. It's as if they've learned how people make builds like that and so created a world where it would be exactly right to come across as strange as possible regardless. I'm guessing there's still more to it to find, but thus far the weird just works.

  • Veronica St. Pierre

    Would there be anyway you could continue playing this on a later stream? It was so fun watching you play

  • eyeONE
    eyeONE  +2

    The 1st playthrough experience is obviously a completely different story when you play it online.. My offline playthrough is so chilled so far, i can't imagine having this amount of distraction lying on the floor :( Play the next From Software game offline please Mr. Man <3

  • Reshy
    Reshy  +181

    Funny thing is my friend did beat the tutorial boss after a couple tries, and then immediately set about killing Tree Guardian.

  • L Smith
    L Smith  +2

    It is so much fun to watch you play this game. I have played quite a bit of it and am amazed at how good you are at this game. I love your channel and think you are amazing! Thanks for all the great content.

  • Rewind Productions

    There can be no greater heresy...let him serve as an example to any who'd install league of legends.

  • loudnoises111

    Haha, happy that you're enjoying it so much. I was there for the first hour or so but I left because I wanted to experience some of it for myself. Cheers man!

  • SugaryPhoenixxx

    I dont usually like lets play's but I really enjoyed this video I watched the whole thing! I almost wish you would upload more of you playing Elden Ring. But I still love your regular content as well!

  • Froster
    Froster  +85

    imagine battling some ghoulie boys with your holy crusader bros when the grinch with a pink wig comes out of nowhere with a baseball bat slaughtering everyone


    Dude, you’re a champ for allowing your chat to make this dude a complete abomination. You’re a better man than I. I started rolling when you got to the hair, and I immediately knew the one to choose, and you totally did too.