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The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 05. 16.
  • The Halo TV Show is one of the worst video game adaptations to cinema I've ever seen. I simply had to rant on it's existence and everything wrong with it. It would have been so easy to follow the original story instead of all this phony crap they came up with.
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  • The Act Man

    So we taking bets on when this video will be copyright claimed?

  • crazyjames1233

    Halo Fans: "They are ruining our characters and lore with this crap!"

  • Robert Pion

    We support you act man. Having that video taken down is KRclip failing on everything.

    ABSIN  +1

    We love you act man! Praying your channel doesn’t get taken down

  • Vampragon43

    Fun fact: the series director actually

  • Superhot Vectorman

    If this truly is your last video I just wanna say it's been a hell of a ride I love your videos and love you we all support you Act Man

  • Rohan Kurup

    Banning someone's source of income just to quite them down is such a shameful move. Who wouldn't demand answers for such acts.

  • LatinoBadass

    They took his helmet

  • Frost _
    Frost _  +811

    Absolute insanity going on at KRclip. Your community stands with you, ActMan. I'm confident that the majority of us will follow you to greener pastures (Twitch, Patreon?) if KRclip kicks you off the platform.

  • TyTEI 82 US45

    The Act Man's channel has done nothing wrong and should stay on KRclip. I stand with you The Act Man. Keep up the fight against KRclip!

  • The Illustrious 254

    Hey Actman I just saw the news and I know you must likely won't see this but I'm sorry to hear what happened to your channel. You are a great content creator and I love the effort you put into these videos. Stay strong, keep your head up, and I await to see your next banger video.

  • RedPandaRiot

    If this is really Act Man’s final video…I just wanna say that it’s been an honor, fellas.

  • Logical Fallacy

    ACT man. I just want to let you know that these videos have meant a lot to me over the years. This is always a channel I can turn on when I'm having a hard day and just need a smile, and it never disappoints. Your content and sense of humor is absolutely stellar, and the effort that you put into each and every video truly shows. This drama with @GarbageTube (and another certain deplorable) is bullcrap, and how you got treated is wholly unjustifiable. Do whatever is necessary for your family's safety and your mental health, but I really do hope that this isn't a permanent end to your career in entertainment. Here's to seeing more from you soon; God bless you brother. Peace ✌️

  • Toby Roberts

    "I tried to sell Halo to a broader audience"

  • Jason Holman

    I watched 20 minutes of the first episode, and I was already done with it. It really hurt me that they didn't even try and adapt from the books. That would have been a solid show, because it's a compelling story.

    BUMBA  +201

    Good luck Act Man. You’re an honest creator and we all wish the best for you

  • SMmania123


  • Cameron Scully


  • David Nymann

    Hey act man I know you're probably not on KRclip much recently to read comments but I just wanted to say I respect the fuck out of you for making a stand at the detriment to your own income, you out your money where your mouth is literally and all to protect the little guy because let's be honest you could have just shrugged complied and kept making money. We're with you man.

  • Nicholas Light TV

    This show is somehow modern gaming.. and it’s not even gaming.