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FINALLY Playing Halo Infinite's Campaign!!!

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  • 게시일 2021. 12. 07.
  • Hell... it's about time.
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  • The Act Man

    Wrong move buster!

  • Justin Hansen

    Had a great time act man. Hope your Grandpa feels better. Doing this stream was a "Great Move! Buster!"

  • Charismactivism

    Praying for your grandpa, Act Man. Hope he gets better!

  • Outcastsage9033


  • Balur
    Balur  +720

    These grunts are the best ones yet. They have like 10 different reactions for every single thing you do.

  • MaxedOutVibes

    One small detail I really love is how whenever Master Chief comes across a fallen comrade he takes a short second to look at the armor, showing signs of caring for the people he served with. Its a nice touch that reminds us of Chief’s human side and that hes not just a soulless machine

  • DeeLee
    DeeLee  +148

    Jen Taylor's voice acting is unmatched! Imagine being able to voice 3 characters and all can be instantly distinguished

  • midgetydeath

    "Dust and Echos"

  • Arthur LI
    Arthur LI  +549

    Seeing the act man enjoying halo infnite makes me so happy. Halo is back baby!!!

  • koontz115
    koontz115  +28

    Anybody else realize echo216 mightve been working up to suicide before finding chief in the beginning, explains why he only had a single bullet. Honestly rather grounded and believable with what he had to go through.

  • Oz Media
    Oz Media  +194

    The tower boss fight looks a lot easier on Heroic. Bastard 1 shots you out of nowhere if you misplace your threat sensor on legendary.

  • midgetydeath

    I love how Brohammer just naturally assumes finding the Master Chief means everything is automatically okay again. His reputation is just that strong.

  • Phantom Limb

    I remember seeing the campaign trailer for this and being introduced to the new AI through that thinking “idk if I’ll like this, I just want Cortana” but honestly since I’ve actually been playing the campaign I’ve really grown attached to The Weapon. The mystery of what happened to Cortana is really intriguing. Also, omg 343 really nailed Chief in this, in the zero g cutscene how he carefully moves his fallen allies is just so well done, and when he grabs the assault rifle from the fallen soldier it’s actually heartfelt and pretty sad. They finally know how to make Chief feel like an evolution of what we saw in Halo 1-3.

  • Route 77 Productions

    I'm playing this on Legendary and when I selected it, it said for "Fans of Sniper Jackals." And immediately had PTSD from my legendary Halo 2 playthrough and it's not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Until that first boss fight, it took me 5 tries to beat him.

  • The Waco Kid

    Master Chief: "Sir, permission to leave the station."

  • Mr. Clickbaiter

    I appreciate the detail that when you talk to Spartan Griffin in the Tower, and you pay close attention to your controller, the vibrations are steady at first, then they slow down as he gets weaker, and finally stop altogether. I didn’t notice it until about halfway through the conversation, but it was a nice detail that added some layer of I guess emotion, is the way I’d put it. You literally feel his life slipping away.

  • aplomBomb
    aplomBomb  +56

    RIP when ActMan realizes that before he even reached the ring, he already missed two skulls that he cannot go back and get

  • BackYard Shenanagins

    Best way to tell if Chief is thinking, feeling, or debating something that happened in front of him is his silence and his blank stare.

  • Evan
    Evan  +12

    Really liked how they showed how long the pilot was in space after the fight and how them not being by family can take a toll.

  • James Gorman

    I was actually decently impressed with the blood for a T game. Not a lot for humans but all the banished have it when you shoot their less armoured parts. It actually kinda makes more sense if you shoot a grunt's chest their won't be as much blood due to armour when compared to shooting head/limbs. Either way I think yet another improvement over 5.