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So My Channel Was Demonetized... Here is The Aftermath

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 24.
  • My channel was demonetized 2 months ago, and I got it back in July. So... what does all that mean? Why did it happen? I don't have the answers to most questions as I still have not gotten clear answers from KRclip themselves. But I hope they at least don't assassinate me after seeing this video go live. There is MUCH to talk about and I want to get it off my chest.
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  • The Act Man

    I am still just as clueless about all of this as you probably are. I still have no idea what lesson I was supposed to learn or how these decisions were made. Well, at least I can finally talk about it without my brain shutting down lmao. Certainly hope nothing bad happens because of this relatively innocuous video, but crazier things have happened......

  • Joshua Godinez

    Never mess with someone’s mother. KRclip is disgusting for not putting Quantum in his place for such an outrageous, offensive, and disturbing behavior.

  • Paradox Laboratories
    Paradox Laboratories 21 일 전 +245

    The worst part is that Quantum basically won bigger than he possibly could have asked for, in the end.

  • C H
    C H  +766

    Youve got balls for posting this man. I'm glad you did. Time for KRclip to start being for the users again before some Uber or AirBNB comes and sets itself as the new platform.

  • Neia Baraja

    The new TOS of KRclip: "We condone, enable and like to see our creators doxx and harass each other and their family as well incite their fanbase to do the same. In fact its mandatory on Mondays."

  • Micah Martin

    KRclip, take note: Your consumers are pissed at you for the injustice you’ve dealt to this man. We’re not all sheep like you think we are, we see your crappy behavior for what it is. Be better.

  • toshio1334

    It's scary how Quantum still has his channel and is still attacking other KRcliprs. I feel like he has it coming, just a matter of when at this point.

  • Clayton Clark

    I definitely think that uploading this shortly after Cory released his video was a wise decision, hopefully with the traction of his video the two will play off each other well and bring these issues more to light.

  • Renegade Media Group

    Glad to see you're taking this in stride. Keep up the amazing work my dude!

  • Moneybilldill
    Moneybilldill 28 일 전 +64

    I’m so sorry this situation is currently affecting you. You definitely deserve better than this bullshit. And in general, KRclip needs to start figuring their stuff out real quick or else crazy shit will start to snowball more and more.

  • cattysplat

    This ambiguity is the weapon. It is intentional. It is done to make you self censor in fear of being banned for anything you may say. YT wants to crush criticism with an iron boot whilst it pursues advertiser dollars. There is nothing anybody could say that could convince me they could not share information like timestamps with the "offending" party. It's all logged, recorded and is the actual justification they use, they just won't share it and use their policy as a blunt weapon to silence the outspoken.

  • OnyxSerenitatem

    The fact you did all of this, the entire community rallied behind you, other KRcliprs supported you…

  • Xenowave

    "However I rebel against the notion that I must live in constant fear of what I say and do on this platform"

  • Spud
    Spud  +35

    As sad as it may sound I believe what happened was basically KRclip having a hissy fit because Act Man called them out for not doing their job. Rather than thanking him for bringing notice out to a particular KRclipr who breached the guidelines, whoever was in charge at the time instead got pissed because they hadn't been the ones to see the problems first. So instead they set their sights on Act Man and looked for the slightest most miniscule offence they could find in order to demonetise him. Once emotions got high and Act Man started making those tweets, KRclip decided to enter robot mode and take everything he said literally and remove his partnership. Unfortunately for them the backlash was huge, they were hoping there wouldn't as big a fuss as there was after their actions but eventually gave in and returned Act Man's partnership, obviously never admitting they ever made any mistakes, the ego is far to great for that.

  • TheJam1192

    All of these social media type platforms are arbitrary in their so-called “guidelines” and deserve some type of regulating crackdown.

  • Matthias Powerbomb

    Unless I misunderstood the situation, the most disturbing part of all this to me is that you were demonetized on KRclip for something you did on Twitter. Erroneous or not, how does one's activity on a completely separate platform impact one's channel on this platform? That's rhetorical, of course, because I know very well how the Silicon Valley Cartel operates, but still, that aspect in and of itself should be a big, flashing red flag to everyone.

  • RiktigaFimpen

    Yeah I don't understand this. You're one of the most wholesome content creators on this platform IMHO. It almost seems like YT have a horse in this race for some reason. The whole concept about free speech is that you should never have to feel fear for voicing your thoughts and opinions. Anyway, I'm glad you are back on track and I'm looking forward to your future content! You've given me a lot of insights and great entertainment over the years. I wish you all the best, Act Man.💙🤜🤛

  •  OttomanEnthusiast

    I've been watching you for 3 years man. Sucks for you to have gone through this. I hope we get the answers we want

  • Dog On Dog Action

    It's kinda depressing to think how right you were about the Quantum situation and how confident you were you would win... and then everything goes down the shitter hard.

  • Maximum Carter

    Whatever happens in the future Act Man... just know that you earned my respect. You stood up against hate and you stood up for another human being who was being harassed. We need more people like you.