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So I Tried the PVP In Elden Ring...

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 03. 08.
  • Elden Ring is an AMAZING game but I don't see many people talking about it's insane PVP content. Thought I'd test my skills against the best...
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  • The Act Man

    I'm the best Elden Ring player and it's not even close. I have never been defeated!

  • NCR Trooper

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish you knew who shattered the Elden Ring

  • Subfuge
    Subfuge  +129

    Elden ring pvp in a nutshell from my experience

  • Badger
    Badger  +819

    "What is this guy's build right now?"

  • Matt Zarland

    This somehow ends up being wholesome and brings back so much Nostalgia that even when I'm salty dying to the triple Crystallians for the tenth time I wanna play the game again. Humanity restored.

  • Tinkuwu
    Tinkuwu  +57

    Interesting thing about the "OP katana build", you can literally passive poise through it. Get armor that gets your poise to 80 or more and you'll be good to just slam a giant hammer on them. However, you can still get three shot by it, or even one shot if your vigor isn't high enough.

  • Chad Powell

    Can’t wait for the “Why is Elden ring so awesome” video or maybe even “Why is Elden ring a master piece”

  • Dizzy HQ

    Elden Ring’s definition of “balanced” is making everything overpowered as shit

  • RaiZu
    RaiZu  +162

    I love the frustration in act man's voice after fighting his friend for a while when his friend is killing him with the same attack and the "this is not my real build", cracks me up so good. Peak souls when you get frustrated at the enemy's build. Thanks for uploading this, love your content but, this for me has been the best one so far. Keep it up man.

  • Justin Morgan

    It’s truly amazing how they’ve made a game where although you may do similar things, everyone kinda has their own journey and places around the map they explore first, so thankful this game was good as hell

  • zanny
    zanny  +388

    we will continue the star wars duels here

  • Murray Beachtel

    The last part had me laughing so hard. It reminded me of Frieza, “This isn’t even my final form!!” Respect for showing us both the Ws and the Ls Act Man.

  • MrGanjie
    MrGanjie  +104

    The etiquette in these games makes me feel like I know about a nerdy duel club

  • FrostEncounter

    "I haven't ran into 2 people running the same build" me who has ran into 60 people yesterday running moonveil

  • beatdeath 99

    I was dueling some friends and at some point cause I swapped to a FP heavy build I drank my blue Gatorade and they were like "WOW YOU'RE DRINKING YOUR FLASK IN A DUEL" it really felt like like they never played Dark Souls at all, the general rule is no heals not no FP once it's out. My brain literally turned off after that as they then also complained that my PvE build had too much PvP gear even though it was purely for fashion

  • Valrok 1870

    As a fellow Golden Halberd user, TWO HAND THAT THING!! +16% AR, longer reach on running r1, faster running r2, and the r1 four hit combo has decent tracking if they try rolling beside you.

  • Juggernog Soda

    We need more gameplay of you playing elden ring.

  • Jedediah Hopkins

    I didn’t know the act man was a commissioner of some good old fashioned ds3 fight clubs. Truly a man of culture

  • Dark Fluoresce

    As a player who loved the pvp in Conan Exiles, this game is like a souped up and much better version of that, and I can't get enough of it

  • Angelo Lagrutta

    Everyone uses the exploding katana, the shield that shoots projectiles, and the people who run into you and death blight you. I’ve seen these builds at least 40% of the time