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Call of Duty Fanboys Try to Defend COD WWII

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  • 게시일 2018. 03. 01.
  • Call of Duty Fanboys are known for many things: sleeping with your mother, toxic hatred, and an undying love for the Call of Duty franchise, which in their eyes has always been perfect. But can a COD fanboy actually defend COD WWII? Well, let's find out how....
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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man  4 년 전 +16

    "u dont know wath ww2 is, staret liking ww2 then make that video, y dare u." - Call of Duty Fanboy, Circa 2018

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K 3 년 전 +13

    “Make a good campaign!”

  • Strahd
    Strahd 년 전 +1

    As a gamedev, i can assure you, players will always know where the problem is, but since they aren't game designers they rarely know what the best solution is

  • Justin
    Justin  +533

    “EA propaganda”

  • lolcakes
    lolcakes  +706

    I disagreed with you, redownloaded it, played it for like 5 mins, and I then agreed with you lmao

  • Raidknight
    Raidknight 년 전 +849


  • Mashduby
    Mashduby  +100

    I've lost faith in the cod community. The new players have set the standard bar so low they trpped on it, fell and broke their legs.

  • lil roach
    lil roach 년 전 +2

    can we take a second to appreciate the fact he actually said it was his opinion after 40 seconds

  • American Boot
    American Boot 년 전 +399

    The kids spelling insults wrong is so hilarious

  • a good name
    a good name 년 전 +545


  • Sen, The Sanguine Sinner

    The Lee Ermy bit will NEVER stop being funny. I can have crappiest day imaginable, come home, watch that few seconds of pure fanboy cringe goodness punctuated by Ermy, and laugh like a dying hyena for ten minutes.

  • Johntevinss
    Johntevinss 년 전 +121

    Personally I like the campaign, but not the multiplayer as much. I love the WWII theme and that you can fly a P-47D and drive a Sherman tank. To me that’s what made the campaign better.

  • Jocker
    Jocker  +30

    damn dude, you should make more of those "reaction videos", those are absolute gems of entertainment. not that much more though, just once in a while one of these.

  • LeBurns
    LeBurns 년 전 +1


  • Kanye Pepper
    Kanye Pepper 년 전 +183

    “You maggots can’t make your mind damn” had me dying

  • Jay1341
    Jay1341  +25

    Me as a kid: Played and beat COD Veteran difficulty at least 3-6 times even though I had GTA IV, Halo, and even Hitman Absolution

  • Santi Balbuena

    Acting Male: 'It's a wattered down version of world at war - literally inferior in every single component'

  • Sup Brah…I’m Hammer.


  • Marky Mark

    I really wanted to disagree about this review, but I realised that he is right. Why not any other fronts?if not on the campaign then on multiplayer. I still like the game, but man it could be better.

  • Maestrofeli
    Maestrofeli 2 년 전 +1

    "children play this game, there can't be racism, violence and war themes"