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The Decline of Gaming

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  • 게시일 2022. 09. 29.
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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man  2 년 전 +9210

    Rise and shine, Mr. Act Man... Rise and shine.
    In what ways has gaming declined in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

    • Stuff I uploaded
      Stuff I uploaded 14 일 전

      It has definitely declined but I would like to point out that the thing about Forza you said was false

    • Decoy Platypus
      Decoy Platypus 개월 전

      Current gen, the games are terrible.

    • Wick Wickening
      Wick Wickening 3 개월 전

      Quantity over kwality .sooo much games 1/10000 is fun or even playable for longer then 2 days .i end up turning up my xbox joining the party with the lads talking, with the every 5 minute brooo im sooo freakin boorrreeed !!!

    • Rabbid
      Rabbid 4 개월 전


    • Simo
      Simo 5 개월 전

      It's a natural trend, we tend towards having less but bigger industries/prodcuers, as the variable costs decrease when you expand. However, now suddenly we have to make a game that pleases and markets to millions of people, rather than just a few appasionados. You can understand what that implies. Imagine like a custom-made car for car enthusiasts. You have to make an ad for informed buyers that like the product, and you have to make a product that passionate people like.
      Inversely, now you have to make an ad and game content that is playable and markets easily to a wide range of people. So yea, you are not going to have your ''supercar''.
      The most responsible in general are the customers, though we of course blame the industry.
      Try going against customer's stupid needs. You think a d&d appasionado will really be interested in micro transactions for a pet exclusive to him? Of course not, it's the typical esthetic think that the random person wants to buy to show off online, they market to that... Because that is what people give their money to.
      I wasn't amazed at games doing more microtransactions. I was amazed at people buying them more. Accepting to spend 10-100 for even just a piece of estethic pet. That's how much you maybe would pay for a full game..... why are you paying that amount?
      And then what happens: Company A makes 10 pet skins and sells it to 100 million people, they make more money than a company that would be trying to make a real game. But who's fault is it? It's the money you have that decides, nothing else. If your average mind is stupid and gets tricked by a clickbait, then that's what happens. People watch celebrity A or B is in a movie, they blindly go see it. Even if the last 10 of those were crap. So why would you spend more to make a real movie, if you can make a crap one and people give you more?Even if you want, you can't.

  • Duncan Self
    Duncan Self 년 전 +5449

    One positive of the past decade in the gaming industry is independent developers making a comeback

    • Fry the Chip
      Fry the Chip 일 전

      yea it's great. Because of these big game companies being too greedy now, people are focusing more on indie developers which I personally think is a positive change. Move towards those that actually care about their products, and leave the others. In the end, it will damage the bigger companies, and hopefully they might change if that happens, not sure

    • Analytical Habitrails
      Analytical Habitrails 6 일 전

      I can only hold my breath....

    • Lightnix
      Lightnix 23 일 전

      9/10 games i play are independent games , crazy idea , people that put their hearth into the games they create , and i have so much fun on games a lot of people dont even know they existed

    • Soupy Mittens
      Soupy Mittens 29 일 전

      @S Con At least the games are finished and cheap

    • spider0804
      spider0804 2 개월 전

      Indie developers are good and bad
      The good is we get new and interesting games.
      The bad is when an indie dev makes it big they usually pull a Notch and all but disappear until their money stream dries up.
      There are also the early access games that promise the world and end up just never delivering.

  • Bryz Salvador
    Bryz Salvador 2 개월 전 +245

    I think the developers thought process are like this: "We will just release the game unfinished and then wait and see if it's popular enough for us to finish..."

    • Two Glock Taylor
      Two Glock Taylor 개월 전

      Halo infinite.

    • Daniel Faress
      Daniel Faress 개월 전 +1

      Me And You Are The Same Age Act Man I Was Born in May 1993 My Brother is 1988 We Weren't Born in The 2000's We Were Born in The Best Era Of Gaming And That Era Was Before The 2010's Like 2000's Or Older I'll Be 30 in May 2023 My Brother is Almost 34 Elder Scroll's Especially Skyrim is Really Buggy I Feel You Act Man Elder Scroll's Has Definitely Fallen Since The 2010's Which Makes Me Very Sad

    • rickrivethead
      rickrivethead 2 개월 전

      The "No mans sky" syndrome!

    • Gordon Seal
      Gordon Seal 2 개월 전 +1

      @Diver Nonsense, developers are not slaves. They can speak out, state a protest or internal strike, quit the company or be whistleblowers, there is NO excuse for developers releasing shitty games and only blame management.

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 4 개월 전 +98

    The biggest problem for me is that games are no longer considered finished product on day one.

  • Palp
    Palp 4 개월 전 +67

    I agree. Too many people throw their money at games before they know what they're even buying. I typically don't buy a game until I've seen solid gameplay.

    • Analytical Habitrails
      Analytical Habitrails 6 일 전

      Exactly. I've caught myself and the game company playing on my emotions and when I caught that thats when I sat back at watch the suckers crash and burn. As long as they didnt get my cold hard cash and others with me, they are at our mercy! Lol.
      They shall obey our commands not the other way around! Otherwise we wont hesistate to collapse the game industry and take the brethrens to focus on other more better things to do and goal oriented.

    • Ralph B
      Ralph B 24 일 전

      Yeh, I've learnt my lesson. I have quitted preordering games. Now I always wait for the game to be released and then hear the word of mouths.

    • Kozel
      Kozel 개월 전

      Unless is free.

    • Y Yeezyy
      Y Yeezyy 2 개월 전

      I do depending on the company never played a bad fromsoft game tho I’m sure there’s one out there

  • Moon Cricket Stinks
    Moon Cricket Stinks 3 개월 전 +99

    Greed is the single largest reason for its decline. Back then it was art, passion, and love for a media experience. You bought a game and got an entire experience in a package. Sometimes expansion packs would come out(sometimes free or bought at a fair price).
    The last game I bought from triple a games was cod world at war and battlefield bad company 2.
    The biggest positive is gaming as a while isn't dying or declining but changing. Indie games have sprouted underneath the rotting bodies of triple a games. Indie games have no loyalty to a Corp or greed. There are many Indie games that offer great flavors to pick from. The biggest trap is in console games since Indie devs have to pay to the console companies and adjust their games mechanics to fit specs.
    Nothing against console (I still use my Xbox 360) but I do believe that the only way to really experience the positive is thru a pc. Truthfully I wish console gamers could experience some of the really fun Indie games I play on pc.

    • Fry the Chip
      Fry the Chip 일 전

      yea this is why I do my research on triple a games first before buying them. Luckily there are still a few good triple a games like Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, just gotta make sure you look into it before buying it

    • Heywood Jablome
      Heywood Jablome 3 일 전

      Not just greed alone but also because of woke fake gamer infiltrators destroying just about everything from the inside. GamerGate should have been huge sign to gatekeep even harder but no, sadly no actual gamer did any gatekeeping, which led us to the position we're in now with the game industry.

    • bri-ish man
      bri-ish man 26 일 전

      yeah im sure rockstar put in a lot of care and effort into their dogshit pc port of gta san andreas, in fact, they put in so much effort that just 20 minutes ago gta san andreas black screened, forcing me to restart windows 10

    • OhNoOwO
      OhNoOwO 2 개월 전

      I can honestly say that the last fps I've enjoyed is project snowblind.
      Same goes with the bloody roar series and the Bushido blade titles in terms of fighting games

    • gerdokurt
      gerdokurt 2 개월 전

      This is the typical, very limited view of a gamer!
      Gamers are the single largest reason for the decline. On the one hand, it amazes me how gamers completely exclude themselves in their analysises, but on the other hand, it`s not surprising at all.
      You love it to talk about greed and a lack of passion, but you dont realise that you developed yourselves to an unservable customer base for the "old fashioned" ways.
      Gamers want AAA games but they dont want to pay. You pay 20 $ to see the next generic marvel movie in cinema, but you think a 60$ price tag is "full price" premium that entitles you for a lifelong service and hundreds of hours high end gaming experience!
      "Full price" in gaming didnt change in 30 years. In 1995 you paid 60$ for a 300mb game created by 12 people within a year and you want to pay the same price 30 years later for titles 300 people are working on for 4 years, + support, multiplayer infrastructure, content updates etc. etc..
      Absolutely delusional...
      The gamers unwilligness to pay in the old fashioned way (you pay the full price and get the complete product) is the initial reason
      for most of the things (esp. the ways of monetization) that go wrong now.
      When you know that you are basically capped to 60-70$ because people will rage about higher prices and will wait until you have to dump it in a sale, you can decide between
      a) going bankrupt besides having good products (what happend to many of the developer studios)
      b) deliver unfinished products and fix them over time when you can estimate a reasonable demand
      c) hire psychoanalysts who tell you how to take the money from your customers in more subversive ways
      you opend the gates for this bs. This is not about defending companies that basically rip off their customers in this new enviroment. This is about the cause that ultimately led to this enviroment!

  • vardaan nayar
    vardaan nayar 2 년 전 +5483

    Worst part is, there’s an entire generation of gamers that see this as the norm, which ultimately will create a norm of all these problems listed in the video. There’s no turning back.

    • Analytical Habitrails
      Analytical Habitrails 6 일 전

      Even IF thats true (do what theyre doing) then so long as its not coming out of my back pocket let the suckers continue to shell out their money for less, half *** games.

    • Robert Martinez
      Robert Martinez 2 개월 전

      There is a way back; you just cannot see it.

    • Heywood Jablome
      Heywood Jablome 2 개월 전

      I've been saying this for a good while now but modern-day "gamers" get the shady corrupt video game industry they deserve.

    • Luca 4496
      Luca 4496 3 개월 전

      @Brah borne taking a comment worded like that 100% seriously is cringe. Lighten up bud.

    • Gaige Harris
      Gaige Harris 3 개월 전

      The one perk of playing on PC, I purchase and play FANTASTIC games all the time multiplayer single player etc. But they're made but 1 man dev teams or a small team of like 5 people. Indie games is the ONLY option

  • Brenden Nichols
    Brenden Nichols 3 개월 전 +218

    This is why I exclusively play games that are much older because they are of higher quality, have no microtransactions, and I know that every time I go to play it, I'm going to have a great time doing so.

    • Ralph B
      Ralph B 24 일 전

      Considering the current state of the video game industry, I am thinking about revisiting some older titles that I never got the chance to play.

    • Emiliano Hermosilla
      Emiliano Hermosilla 개월 전 +2

      I usually do the same, although sometimes there are some great games in the new generation. Example: The Witcher 3.

    • rickrivethead
      rickrivethead 2 개월 전 +1

      You have a lot more puzzles in older games too. Their a lot more mentally taxing. Most modern games are all shooty shooty bang bang with NO brains!

    • Speshul Kay Gaming
      Speshul Kay Gaming 2 개월 전 +1

      tony hawk games.....dig them out of your closet. had a blast replaying thug2

    • Ya Muthaaa
      Ya Muthaaa 2 개월 전

      @Brenden Nichols I’m hoping gambling modes will finally get more attention for what they actually are and that maybe there will be some sort of legislation like other countries have enacted. I feel like a lot of parents don’t fully grasp what is being pushed onto the younger players

  • Loogie Dude
    Loogie Dude 3 개월 전 +9

    Even years later this is such a well made and thoughtful video that really comes from a passion rather than hate of gaming

    • Daniel Faress
      Daniel Faress 2 개월 전 +2

      This is Why I'm Glad I Was Born in May 1993

  • Jacob Burrell
    Jacob Burrell 2 개월 전 +4

    There's a few things I want to say.
    Here's something that has been mentioned countless times, and it's been mentioned countless times because it makes total sense: if game developing companies nowadays only care about the amount of money that goes into their account, why would they not use the games that they've made in the past as blueprints and apply everything they built into those successful games into new games? If they develop and finish refining a game into its best form, how does it make any sense to make something new and not integrate the concepts of your most successful products into the new products to achieve an enhanced version, using the same parts. If gamers want something better than your most successful products, don't throw those concepts out, upgrade them by building on that same concept. If something works, why make something entirely new and unfamiliar that risks being a failure? These companies are sabotaging themselves. To summarize in a scenario, if you make a wheel, and it turns out successful, but now the public want a wheel with better traction, don't reinvent the wheel, just enhance the traction on your already successful wheel. I understand what companies are trying to do: they're trying to revolutionize gaming. Absolutely, revolutionize gaming, but make sure your product has a solid foundation behind its building so that when it's done, it does fall apart. That's like making a never-before-seen building that has no solid structural integrity; all your innovation, time investment, money, resources and other stuff is wasted when your building falls to the ground.
    This Gaming Revolution is a rushed revolution. Look at every successful and beneficial revolution in history (the French Revolution was a mess, and you see that revolution produce a monster: Napoleon's French Dictatorship) and you'll see that from start to finish these revolutions followed a slow and steady process. The same must be with this Gaming Revolution. Every game developer is rushing to revolutionize the industry, but every single one of them sooner or later stumbles, and when they do, they stumble hard. Revolutions of any kind cannot and should not be rushed, for just as a blacksmith shows and practices enduring patience to create a revolutionary sword that becomes a well refined and polished weapon, so too must the gaming industry show and practice enduring patience to create well refined and polished games. That is why patience is a virtue.
    Look at Cyberpunk 2077, it looked good on the outside but rotten on the inside. The game was the first of its kind (can you really count BioShock?) A game that's the first of its kind doesn't have the luxury of having a past game backed as its foundation, so because it was a brand new game in every way in the gaming industry, the developers should have been utmost patient with developing it. Its failure was because its developers were rushing unnecessarily. Look at Red Dead Redemption 1, it was a big success, and it was a brand new idea, why was it successful? Because Rockstar took their time developing it.
    *Edit*: I've erased what I previously said about why Cyberpunk 2077 was a failure. Which was, "Look at Cyberpunk 2077, that game had no foundation underneath it whatsoever, and what happened? It fell apart" and put what I should've said at the bottom.

  • enirmo
    enirmo 3 개월 전 +8

    This made me think about how much modders should be appreciated. Think about it - they know no one's paying for that content upfront and they still make AMAZING mods, with less bugs than the actual game. There's mods that even fix the original game's bugs and issues (looking at you Skyrim). And they only maybe get a tiny bit of money from donos, but not much. Those are people that make mods purely out of love for the game and that's what we need from devs.

  • ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs
    ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs 년 전 +1415

    What's happening to gaming is what happened to both movies and music decades ago. Once something becomes popular enough to be an industry dominated by corporations instead of people, it gets stripped of it's creativity and innovation and becomes a soulless for profit money making mechanism. Everything has a Golden Age, and sadly, it has now come and gone for video games. Goodbye story and immersion, hello battle royale and microtransactions.

    • Ralph B
      Ralph B 24 일 전

      Well, the bright side is, after the disasters that were Battlefield 2042 (unfinished, chasing the Hero Shooter trend), Babylon's Fall (chasing game as a service), Halo Infinite (unfinished + chasing the Battle Royale trend), and many others. Those big corporations may finally learn their lessons and lift their slimey fingers off the developers.

    • ethen kelso
      ethen kelso 개월 전

      @werr kowalski One hundred percent agree with ya. Where there’s a market capitalism will also be. Truly it’s funny as by the definition of socialism and communism being the concept of hands off no government with community sharing things equally. Just doing there part in the community. No one being lower or higher but all just playing a part. By that simplified definition all the “communist county’s” we supposedly have wouldn’t check anything of on the bucket list. They do however check every box of fascist/dictatorship and if you look all country though that lens then i there’s not much verity your probably live in a democracy polluted with capitalism or live under a dictator dressed as a Communist and even Soviet Russia was a blatant fascist country they never ones stepped foot in social or communism. Sorry for the rant it’s just people always try to say otherwise without putting any facts behind it heck even history books say they were “communist Russia” with every thing pointing to a fascist/dictatorship

    • Unusual Expertise
      Unusual Expertise 개월 전

      Thanks to Bungie, who was first Triple A studio to get away with it.

    • phillgame
      phillgame 2 개월 전

      @Sipho Brisloks ok i know its games im Sorry for being salty. Im just reffering to apathetic response you just expressed.

    • Sipho Brisloks
      Sipho Brisloks 2 개월 전 +1

      @phillgame I understand why you think of me as some sort of clown. It's just games, no need to be salty about it.

  • DreamDay
    DreamDay 6 일 전 +2

    As someone who played games like RE, Tomb raider, COD with my dad back when I was 5..its sad that I have to say that frickin Genshin Impact ( a gacha game) has better story than 90% of the games today. Playing games always gathered my family together as we all tried to crack puzzles in TR, hide behind dad as he was playing RE3 and 4, and oh man..Wolfenstein return to the castle! The game I was so terrified of because of that one level with like catacombs and zombies in it.. Quake 4 like omg such nostalgia. Again, its sad that Genshin is giving me more emotion and I am so invested in GATCHA game than triple A titles…

  • clv
    clv 2 개월 전 +2

    The golden years of gaming are behind us. Corporations may be able to mass produce a product, but only passion can produce meaningful art.

  • Magniankh
    Magniankh 2 개월 전 +93

    One area that no one talks about is AI. No game studio is trying to push the boundaries for AI anymore. AAA games will develop the hardest bones, hardly passable AI just to sell the product and nothing more. Look at something like Cyberpunk - beautiful game, NPCs still run into walls. I am very tired of never being impressed.

    • ItsGreyHat
      ItsGreyHat 개월 전

      Metro exodus on ranger hardcore was scary. You could be heard reloading or modifying your guns, and stepping on harder uneven surfaces like rocks and broken glass

    • cz58
      cz58 개월 전 +1

      Agreed, as much as I enjoy Call of Duty I can't stand the AI in veteran/realism difficulties. Not because they deal more damage but because the game expects you to play more more like a tactical shooter yet the friendly AI doesn't even scale with the difficulty. So you're forced to be a one-man army regardless, but this time you're against several to a dozen npcs at a time that can 2-shot you.

    • Magniankh
      Magniankh 2 개월 전

      @Potidaon FEAR had decent AI, but the maps were so linear that you hardly got to experience said AI. I actually replayed 3 of the main fights in that game just to experience the better fights. For the most part you were in tight spaces where neither you nor the AI could maneuver, so it was like, "What is the point of this AI then?"

    • SPC Dewitt
      SPC Dewitt 2 개월 전

      @Potidaon Oh absolutely unfair ai isn't enjoyable to play against, I remember the AI in perfect dark on the N64 for certain challenge missions was so punishing that it wasn't even enjoyable.
      And yes the AI in FEAR was mostly smoke and mirrors but it was still light-years ahead of games like Destiny or Halo.

    • Potidaon
      Potidaon 2 개월 전

      No one actually wants very intelligent AI. At least not enemy AI. It's gonna make the game feel unfair to most players. There's been plenty of testing on this.
      And the AI in FEAR is mostly smoke and mirrors, and there's been tons of advancements in game AI since then.

  • matt rickard
    matt rickard 3 개월 전 +8

    This video makes me feel totally justified in spending all of my time playing my old games like supreme commander and sins of a solar empire. even if they do crash now and then, I can forgive that.
    Paying top dollar for a AAA title, for the privilege of getting to continue to pay the developer to play an incomplete game is something that sounds more like extortion to me. Because once you invest time and money into a game, it seems like a waste to then simply not play it. Hitting a pay wall or an impenetrable XP glass ceiling only to given one solution (hand over the cash) is just bull shit.

  • Apophis
    Apophis 10 개월 전 +1737

    "Some remakes are just a shameless cash grab"
    *Stares at Rockstar in 2021*

  • RawrItsJuul
    RawrItsJuul 3 개월 전 +29

    There is definitely a decline in gaming, I noticed it especially when I started playing older games again. Yeah everything looks pretty these days, but are mostly shallow experiences. Everything has to be open world, to justify the pricetag games are filled with busy work. It doesn't feel like games are made to be fun or entertaining anymore. You do the same thing over and over again. There is less variety in the genres of games, because a game needs to make all the money in the world or else it's not successful. It's this kind of mindset that ruins the final product. They have to keep shitting out new games so release them in a broken state, patch them later. Who cares people have pre-ordered it anyways, the companies have your money so they don't need to care about quality.
    It's not like there aren't any good games anymore, but because of corporate meddling people can't make games they want to make anymore. Not with fun in mind but always with money, and it shows.

    • AbolK2
      AbolK2 개월 전 +1

      yea that's why i love the yakuzas, combining a great story and the game is clearly made to be fun

    • RawrItsJuul
      RawrItsJuul 2 개월 전 +2

      @Joseph Mueller I don't think I agree with that. Games from today should be judged by today's standards. Most importantly, of course people from back then would think a modern game would be the best thing they played, but how is that a fair comparison? That ignores the progression other games have made to push the genre forward. It's a limited perspective. Compare this to movies, let's say you go back to the 80s and show people the Hobbit trilogy. It would probably blow their minds, but what does that have to say about the original lord of the rings trilogy? We now have the power of hindsight, like I said I have no nostalgic attachment to a lot of the old games I'm playing right now, yet there is a quality that I find lacking in modern games.

    • Joseph Mueller
      Joseph Mueller 2 개월 전 +2

      @RawrItsJuul what I am saying is, if you take one of games of today, and you put it in the past like 20 years ago, it would have been the best game ever and you'd have said today "they dont make games like X anymore"

    • RawrItsJuul
      RawrItsJuul 2 개월 전

      @Joseph Mueller That's what I used to think. This is very subjective, obviously this is all opinion based. For me that reasoning falls short because that doesn't explain away why I fell in love with gaming again after playing games from older generations. Games I never got around to back in the day, ones I have no nostalgic feelings towards. Comparing how games were made then and now you can see big differences.
      It also can't be explained away with only one explanation, there are multiple factors. One that also contributes to how developers make games these days is with digital distribution. Without other forms of monetization older games had more of an emphasis on fun, there may be less content but what was there had better quality. Nowadays games are designed more to keep you busy, there are a lot of things to do but what's there is more and more of the same. People want to think they're getting their money's worth, so every game is turned into something bigger than it needs to be.
      I like open world games, but not everything needs to be open world.
      There are still many games I enjoy from this generation, but I can't help feel like things are getting more and more the same. We've figured out what works and there is less innovation because of it.
      Of course there are indie games, and I do enjoy those a lot too. But I would like to see more innovation with AAA games too.

    • Joseph Mueller
      Joseph Mueller 2 개월 전 +2

      maybe it's just because people got old with responsability etc and there are too many games to choose from, so it's no big deal to play these games like it was 20 years ago

  • B. L.
    B. L. 3 개월 전 +13

    The golden age of gaming is long gone, we have to be thankfull to have witnessed it

    • Analytical Habitrails
      Analytical Habitrails 6 일 전

      If thats the opitome thrn I'm dissappointed and am glad I moved on. Its bittersweet but its best for me.

    • ChelseaChelseaFC SuperFan
      ChelseaChelseaFC SuperFan 2 개월 전 +3

      Once women are subjugated and not in the gaming space again it will flourish.

    • Daniel Faress
      Daniel Faress 2 개월 전 +5

      I'm Glad I Was Born in 1993 So I Got To Experience The Best Year's in Gaming

    • braingazer...
      braingazer... 3 개월 전 +5

      Imo the golden age was late 90s to late 2000s. Perfect blend of innovation, love, meaning and technlogy.

  • Vinny Win
    Vinny Win 4 개월 전 +7

    First and foremost this is a creative industry. Entertainment is still art. Gamers can tell when games are passionless because they end up boring and we can see through publishers predatory greed. We want fun, thats it. We dont care if your game has a 200 million dollar budget with the best graphics. And why buy the most powerful expensive console when there are no good games to justify it. Thats why smaller studios and indie devs are flourishing.

  • pizzasharkguy
    pizzasharkguy 2 개월 전 +30

    I love the line "None of this applies to Nintendo" like he knows everyone knows Nintendo just makes good game after good game.

    • Shades
      Shades 개월 전

      @phillgame nah

    • Asdf Asdfg
      Asdf Asdfg 개월 전

      @Shades sega genesis, shining force 1, 2, phantasy star IV, SNES is breath of fire one and two

    • Ivan Gordienko
      Ivan Gordienko 개월 전

      @Shades lmao just download an emulator
      There is a lot of tutorials on KRclip

    • SomeCow
      SomeCow 개월 전

      @kevin mulia yeah, not only do i have to spend as much as on a ps4 on some sideways tablet with fancy buttons and no modding capability, i also have to spend 60 bucks just to get that one game i did the whole thing for. Nintendo monetization is just a mess

    • phillgame
      phillgame 개월 전

      @Shades you play Super Mario before?

  • Squ Designs
    Squ Designs 2 년 전 +5249

    This is another reason why indie games have been on the rise for a while.

    • Thundageon
      Thundageon 7 개월 전

      Yup, and I'm glad for that. It's now mainstream because of corporations insanity of greed. Indie devs are just like Nintendo

    • Savary
      Savary 8 개월 전

      @Marc L. how so? I can only think of a few problems about indie games.

    • Marc L.
      Marc L. 8 개월 전

      Thery have their own set of problems. Gaming as a whole has gone to shit.

    • Мария Мамина
      Мария Мамина 8 개월 전

      @Onterrible Plus it's harder (Idk, maybe impossible?) to pirate on consoles. And piracy is necessary to test the game before buying.
      And also mods. I can't imagine playing without mods.

  • R T
    R T 3 개월 전 +280

    The decline in gaming goes hand in hand with the decline of humanity. We're turning our entire world into something that's not worth being a part of.

    • Luis Perez
      Luis Perez 일 전 +1

      That was deep

    • flashworks.
      flashworks. 2 개월 전

      @knight rider 2008 free ABC

    • flashworks.
      flashworks. 2 개월 전 +2

      Doomer Mindset = Auto L

    • Hunter Russell
      Hunter Russell 2 개월 전

      @00FireFlyer00 What are you on about? Who said anything about outspeeding death? Also, meaningful in what context? That's a very open ended question. I work a fulfilling that job that I'm good at. I spend time with the people I care about. I give back what I can to those around me. I take part in other interests and hobbies outside of gaming. These things all give me purpose and allow me to live a fulfilling life yet I'm sure that there's people who these things mean nothing to. Meaning is subjective.

  • MarLeo
    MarLeo 3 개월 전 +5

    Those were the days, when you could play games as intended from the get go and they didn't have giga bytes worth of updates at launch. Yes, there were updates even back then, but they were small and fixed some minor bugs that got overlooked during testing. Those updates were mostly distributed via the CD's of gaming magazines and not the internet.
    There's still the occasional masterpiece of a game, like Red Dead Redemption 2, but most of the games released today just don't bring forth the joy and awesomeness that games from the mid 90's to the mid 2000's did.
    There are way too many "remasters" out there that don't deserve that title in any shape or form. For example, the remaster of Mafia 1 is one that truly deserves that title as it's the polished original game with today's technology after the old games technology really is outdated. And there's Mafia 2 remastered, which basically is exactly the same game with the same technology. No improvement whatsoever (actually with more bugs than the original). And this is true for so many franchises.
    The storytelling in most games has also degraded a lot in the last 15 years.

  • MΔsterofbloopers
    MΔsterofbloopers 5 개월 전 +16

    I keep telling myself: "The bubble's gonna burst! The bubble's gonna burst!", but the bubble still hasn't burst yet. I keep hearing about how all these massive AAA games are flopping, revenue is down, stocks have plummeted, etc., and yet things continue on like normal. I hear stories about the recent Activision Blizzard scandal tainting the company's reputation, Ubisoft doing so poorly that they're considering straight up selling their company, and other stories of companies getting their comeuppance, and yet it feels like we're no closer to that bubble bursting. Is this really the new norm? Will this be the future of the industry moving forward now and forevermore? I try to stay optimistic, but that's getting harder and harder to do day-by-day.

    • Kaphizmey ♪
      Kaphizmey ♪ 2 개월 전

      @Upon Eric it would be nice if the triple-a studios collapsed and were replaced by different names… even if that would eventually lead back to the same situation we’re in now. it could potentially mean a new golden age of gaming, one where a complete final product is guaranteed upon release (instead of being patched in later) and creativity reigns anew. great analysis btw, you really seem to understand where the gaming industry is at now and where it could go in the future

    • MΔsterofbloopers
      MΔsterofbloopers 4 개월 전

      @Upon Eric That's a good point about other industries going through similar phases. It's easy for me to forget how young the video game industry is compared to other mediums.

    • Upon Eric
      Upon Eric 4 개월 전

      I think it'll be like back when Atari got the industry killed but to a lesser degree. People aren't going to stop gaming, they'll just stop buying new games. Completion from free games and old innovative titles will make the idea of buying a $70+ game in the future entirely unappealing. There will still be big releases of course that sell well, but the industry as a whole will have less and less successful IP's and studios. Expect games like COD and Pokémon to die first: they're diluting their brand every year and it will come to the point where buying a game that's 4+ years old is the norm just due to how similar or even worse the newer titles are.
      I also predict gaming experiences will grow shorter, as cost of labor seems to rise more and more. Ultimately I think it'll balance out, I feel like a lot of industries and art forms go through this, perhaps on a company by company basis. Complacency sets in, innovation slows, consumers get bored and stop buying; until all the dumbasses who let it happen get fired and their shareholders/owners demand change to bring back the profit or they go broke; in the later case someone else lays a new golden goose and replaces them, like what Nintendo did with Mario after the failure of Atari.
      I'm I wrong? Probably the future is unpredictable; who knows for sure but it'll be fun to flex if I was even close, this does to me seem like the natural progress of these trends.

  • BioNyte
    BioNyte 3 개월 전 +25

    The fact I'm watching this and agreeing with every point almost 3 years later with the issues becoming more prevalent in the gaming industry. I've gone from growing up as a kid yanking my parents arm to buy the newest games, full of excitement bursting to get home and hop on halo with my siblings or destroy clankas on Battlefront. Now 20 years down the line beta tests are a marketing tool and you don't even own the game anymore. From physical copies, to digital licenses and now subscription base. (including all the issues mentioned in the video) However in spite of all this is gaming declining? The answer is both yes and no.
    AAA studios started out as indie developers at one point and its here our cycle is created. Through a shared vision and passion they crafted legendary titles, pushing the boundaries of technology with the consumer always at the heart of the operation. However over time its diluted and replaced with corporate greed, with employees being pushed out or leaving, making these legendary titles become far and few between. The age of AAA is over, the time of the Indie devs has come.

    • BioNyte
      BioNyte 2 개월 전 +1

      @Dalton Plague tale: innocence, Hellblade: Senuas sacrifice, The forest, No Mans Sky, GTFO to name a few are all indie games with amazing graphics... but people don't realise they are, they just assume all indies are limited to sidescrollers or super basic games.

    • Spikes D
      Spikes D 2 개월 전

      Diablo Immortal...

    • Dalton
      Dalton 2 개월 전 +2

      I don't play indies much, can they make technically advanced titles that have great graphics as well as the story most indie games already provide? I feel like any time I've heard people talk about indie games, they tend to be different kinds of side scrollers or super simplistic 3D modeled games. Like I'm talking rdr2 graphics or the modern warfare that just came out 3 or 4 years ago.

  • Soroor Ahmadi
    Soroor Ahmadi 2 년 전 +16409

    By “The Decline Of Gaming” he doesn’t mean that gaming is dying, it’s more popular than ever, he means that the quality of games is decreasing ( I said this because I saw comments that said that gaming isn’t dying)

    • bri-ish man
      bri-ish man 26 일 전

      @『Seiba』 guess what you can ignore the trash on steam and play the good games

    • bri-ish man
      bri-ish man 26 일 전

      @JOE FRIES and also plenty of dogshit pc ports that were made in the early 2000's that, guess what, these people dont talk about because that fucks with their narrative(since they're old)

    • Mr willy
      Mr willy 개월 전

      @Daniel Smith I want another good wild west movie..

    • The One and Only
      The One and Only 개월 전

      @Đông Thức Trần Graphics yes
      Gameplay sucks with this shity looot boxes and etc...

    • The One and Only
      The One and Only 개월 전

      Games are shity nowadays...

  • Abraham
    Abraham 2 개월 전 +3

    I think pre orders also made a huge impact in releasing broken games, once publishers realized that millions of people would pre order a game after just watching a teaser with the logo and no actual gameplay, publishers knew they could exploit these hardcore fanbases.

  • l MoJo l
    l MoJo l 개월 전

    I’ve said it a thousand times, I’ll say it a thousand more: the golden age of gaming has come and gone. The 360 and PS3 days were the best years for gaming… if only we knew what we had before it was gone…

  • Jaco Becker
    Jaco Becker 2 개월 전 +3

    This is undeniable truth. The downward spiral started with forced inclusion of online multiplayer which was just veiled greed. No heart just shameful greed.

  • safe plaice
    safe plaice 3 개월 전 +5

    I've been gaming since Xmas '82 when my C64 arrived under the tree. I thought I was growing out of gaming but no, I'm just instinctively more aware of the scams and determined to avoid the games that want to (financially) play me. Making a profit is fine but don't take the piss, we consumers will bite back.

  • Eduardo Rezende
    Eduardo Rezende 년 전 +1652

    if the decline was only restricted to gaming... Movies, Music, TV Shows, almost every piece of media and art is losing its soul to bloody money

    • Titanic Big ship
      Titanic Big ship 2 개월 전

      @Uzabi modern music sounds the same

    • Titanic Big ship
      Titanic Big ship 2 개월 전

      Cus WEF

    • OGpucci
      OGpucci 3 개월 전

      not at all with media it's either good or bad with games there is huge nostalgia involved media is becoming better games are also becoming better but gamers are ignorant they hate on gaming companies but still buy the game they bring out it's on yall why would rockstar make gta 6 if so many people are still stuck on their older games

  • Tyler Blake
    Tyler Blake 2 개월 전 +1

    As I get older, I've come to learn that greed is at the root of a lot of problems in today's world

  • mozy diaz
    mozy diaz 3 개월 전 +1

    Sometimes I think the best way to teach companies a good lesson about lootboxes and all that crap is to download games illegally without paying anything.
    As far as it's concerned, I'm not surprised that Nintendo's games are always of good quality since hard work is sacred to them, their problem is their catalog which has been light in terms of big games since that they only have one console to offer, before there was always a home console and another portable, it expanded the catalog and expected less time between the release of the games because there were always releases on a console or the other.
    But when your only goal is just to make money to snort drugs like in the USA it's no wonder you produce shit

  • NoTime
    NoTime 2 개월 전 +15

    I agree i really enjoyed the days when games were about making a storyline and good gameplay. The titles being released were absolute bangers! The companies put quality first and the profits followed. Now they release these technical disasters and they focus less on good story and more on getting it out there in the shortest time possible to make money from microtransactions etc. It sucks.

  • IK
    IK 3 개월 전 +4

    I remember a couple of years ago, me and my buddies found a game called "Zombie Panic: Source". It was released in 2007, and now is totally free.
    Playing public matches together with other players was the most fun i had since i stopped playing bf4 back in 2017.
    The game looks like crap, i think if i had been given a year, I'd be able to make such a game solo. But it's what it is - it's fun. I remember how me and my friends barricaded in an underground parking lot type of thing, away from the main bulk of players, hoping to stretch out the time before zombie players find us and focus on us, to be able to win. We hoarded a bunch of ammo in different "sections" of our compound. As everyone died and zombies found us, and slowly began to melt through our barricades, me and my dudes realized that we miscalculated the ammo we'd need to survive. So 2 of us sneaked out to scavange. While we were scavenging others made an additional barricade and left only a tiny opening (with the intent to let us climb in when we come back, and instantly seal it off). But because they didn't test it, it turned out that it's too small for our hittboxes to wiggle through. As we came back with a horde on our asses, and found out that we are stuck outside, we were forced to scream and bounce around like 2 chimps on fire while half the guys inside were shooting at zombies that slowly mauled us to death, and the other half was hastly disassembling the barricade so we can climb through.
    Situations like these make games fun imo. You have to seek your own fun in a carefully crafted world (from a game design perspective, not necessarily graphics and other stuff), without boring repetitive tasks that are there only to feel the game with content, so you won't refund it, and hopefully also spend some money on cosmetics in the meantime.

  • Jukson
    Jukson 2 년 전 +7415

    Imagine giving your test to the teacher and saying "its in early access ill update it"

    • Dave
      Dave 5 개월 전 +1

      This is what I've been telling my wife for most of our marriage.

    • Ganonslayer
      Ganonslayer 5 개월 전 +1

      Someone do this and film it please

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana 8 개월 전

      @kai jones so? what does that have to do with them releasing games incomplete and full of bugs? am i supposed to feel bad for some developer who is working a 15 hour shift? if they dont like it they can just quit and work at target. then they wont be allowed to exceed 30 hours in a week or they will be reprimanded.
      and that must perfectly explain why the gta remasters were one of the biggest embarrassments in gaming. the official rockstar remaster releases, were inferior to the community made remaster mods for the original games....
      people made a better product for free, than the official company made for profits.
      but yeah, keep defending their business practices, acts of fraud, and culture of scamming their consumers.

    • Jester Azazel
      Jester Azazel 8 개월 전

      @Tony Montana Then why do they call it early access? Does that not imply a work in progress?

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana 8 개월 전

      @Jetah Ive seen this happen before. i definitely remember taking a test and the teacher saying if you donate $5 to some thing prolly a field trip type thing, you will earn extra credit on your test. i vividly remember that because of how unfair i thought it was as there is no way my parents would have given me $5 to bring for a donation. But this was prolly around 2004 or so when they could still get away with stuff like that, i have no doubt it wouldnt fly in this day and age. and thats a good thing.

  • OnePresence
    OnePresence 11 일 전 +1

    It's really sad to see video games declining, because it's my personal favorite medium not just for storytelling, but because it's really the most entertaining for me. I love to play video games when i have free time, when i'm bored. Modern AAA games are hit or miss. Some are hit like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War 4, Spider-Man PS4 and Resident Evil 2 Remake. But unfortunately, most are miss like Fallout 76, Battlefield 2042, Marvel's Avengers, Anthem and Metal Gear Survive. I think the best way to play good modern games is to look for Indie Games. Or replay the old games from past generations. Hopefully the industry will get better in the future.

  • aakkoin
    aakkoin 2 개월 전 +1

    Making money/profit can be a positive motivation for making an excellent product. You know, the early arcade games were purposefully made as fun and addicting as possible, so people would keep putting in coins. They wanted to make games that people really liked and kept playing. And those games transferred right into home-consoles, like Street Fighter and Donkey Kong and stuff. But GREED is taking it to a rotten extreme, it's a deadly sin. And that's why gaming industry is dying. EA Skate 4 seems to be next on the list, free-to-play online-multiplayer with micro-transactions....

  • Bayonella
    Bayonella 2 개월 전

    This also goes for me too.The first game that I genuinely had an interest in was bayonetta the ps 3 version.When I bought it I fell in love.I tried to look for other games similar to this but was disappointing to find that ,yes there were many,they were so scarce compared to the catergory you just mentioned.Then I found nier automata and boy was than one of a hell ride into my existential dread.Needless to say,I didn’t think that there would be any other game that would satisfy me.of course I still am interested in the hack and slash genre but they were so scarce compared to the ones I didn’t prefer that I saw everything on console as the same thing and didn’t even bother to check out the newer games because they would all be the same thing over and over and over again refusing to bring anything new to the table.

  • Joel MacGregor
    Joel MacGregor 3 개월 전

    Nailed it!
    Finish your game and release it like a novel!
    Be proud of the release.
    Don’t give us rushes buggy sh*t

  • Jmad0113
    Jmad0113 2 년 전 +1446

    Modern gaming is like fast food. Focusing on profits and quickness rather than quality.

    • Forcoy
      Forcoy 8 개월 전

      @kiss me Well I want for you to hear me out here. I genuinely think we're entering a golden age right now where its more about the individual rather than the company. Because of how new this industry is almost every attempt at these corporations trying to take over the industry have failed. Sure they've made money but its like mdot hands you could hear on radio in the 60s. Technically popular but ultimately forgettable. The ones who truly care will take the time out of their day to make sure the game is as good as possible. The more people play indie games the more likely they also are to make them considering that they can Even both the money AND still have the care for the community they had originally.

    • kiss me
      kiss me 8 개월 전

      Mainstream gaming at least is like the Superhero movies. They just showing off how good the CGI is but the acting, story and characters are garbage.

    • Isaac Lai
      Isaac Lai 9 개월 전

      We're truly living in the age of late capitalism.

    • Forcoy
      Forcoy 9 개월 전

      @Oh Boi not the only reason

    • Oh Boi
      Oh Boi 9 개월 전

      The only reason mobile games thrive is because of people that can't play actual mainstream games, because they don't have pcs and consoles and their parents don't let them buy games that need money. I'm one.

  • Luriel Rall
    Luriel Rall 3 개월 전

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video for you ability to research and identify the openly honest shortfalls in gaming culture. I have to be honest that due to this identification, its deppressing to even think about the current present and future of what used to be a magical experience. Gaming used to be about family, friends, and mastery of something we love. Now its just about putting game developers kids through college I guess. Excellent job on this video.

  • Prototype invariant
    Prototype invariant 3 개월 전

    Glad I watched this. You seem to have put thought on this. I think it's because you really care about gaming. Thanks. Many things were my concerns as well. There were also some things that I didn't know are playing a role although I was feeling something's off.

  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson 4 개월 전

    Seeing this video today, makes me really sit down and wonder about a lot of things (gaming wise).
    I was born in Feb of 1990. I had two older brothers, so I grew up with consoles like the NES and Sega, eventually building out to the Playstations to Xboxes and such. I played Doom when I was like 8 years old, when it was on a floppy disc.
    And over the years between schools, sports, military and general life, I still played video games. But I’ve noticed a lot of the trends that were brought up that were discussed in this video.
    I have to say, the whole “loot gambling” wasn’t really bad before the end of 2019. Don’t get me wrong, it was there, usually on mobile games and such, but I think during the quarantines, it got more lucrative.
    Maybe I never had a chance to really pay attention to it, since I tend to stick to games I thoroughly enjoyed (Halo MCC, Halo Wars 2 [never cared for, nor played Blitz], Final Fantasy games, RDR, GTAIV, etc). But I did get latched onto PUBG when it hit Xbox, even though it was a terrible mess.
    But I did see an early trend of crap that would bring even more crap when battle passes became a thing. PUBG had loot crates you had to pay for. Games were now being released with less content and more issues than when they were when I was younger. If my brothers and I worked up money when we were kids, and bought a game, we typically didn’t buy it unless it had “greatest hits” from Sony stamped on it. If it said “stay away from this game” in the latest Tips and Tricks magazine at the grocery store, we didn’t buy it.
    And that was the beautiful thing of the past - it’s not that it’s nostalgia. The real reason why things were done the way they were, is that the best internet you had was dial up back then. You’d be lucky to load a web page in less than a minute, let alone play video games on a computer.
    Companies had to make sure the games worked. There was quality control, tests, debugs, and all kinds of other tasks that had to be done before a company released a game, otherwise, magazines trashed a game, and no one would buy it. The ones who did would tell their gamer friends not to pay a penny for it.
    And the market was so open. FF7 was one of the biggest openings for a western audience into RPGs that gave the definite solidification of a market for it. After Squaresoft’s success, other companies tried making RPGs that were different, but followed the game play. It told creators and publishers “there’s a growing market for that, we should be creative and make something besides sports and 2D platformers.”
    So companies did get creative, and they did take chances. We got some really amazing games out of it. But then, after awhile, the market just becomes more stale.
    I loved Titanfall 1&2. The mechanics were great, and seeing them implemented into other games like CoD BO, AW was fun, because those side series of CoD games weren’t taken seriously. But it brought up a new issue -
    Let’s take a great selling franchise, slap a new game out there with better graphics, and then uhh, let’s just…take some mechanic that makes this other game from another company great, and try to throw it into our same, uh, new game. Or better yet,
    Each new year was a new installment of sports 2k. Same mechanics, same gameplay, just new graphics and/or one or two new game mode gimmicks outside of online play and career/exhibition mode. You’re right; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Gone are the days of games like NBA Jam. We have to make so realistic, that you don’t want to throw a football with your friends anymore. You’ll buy our $80 ball throwing game, and pay us for that battle pass and those booster packs for new players….even though, realistically, the roster barely changed since last year. All we really have to do is update the roster per real life teams, but you should pay for that, too.
    And the loot crates probably wouldn’t bother me so much, but, EA and Respawn added heirlooms. They don’t do anything besides look cool to have during gameplay. But, because a pro streamer has one, everyone has one. You want one? It’s only guaranteed to get if you open 500+ loot crates, but in those 500 digital boxes, you have less than a 1% of getting your favorite legend’s swishy item of choice. But even if you level to max level of 500, and complete all of the events and battle passes, you won’t get up to 500 loot crates, so you’ll have to spend it. It’s gambling. What makes it worse, is that kids want it the most. Most of us “old people” gamers don’t care about those things. But the kids do.
    It’s early programming for impressionable minds that they have to spend, spend, spend, and keep on spending until they get what they want. Not actually grinding it out to earn it, like the old CoD and Halo games, where there was actual rank progression.
    Want that diamond plated skin for your AK? Gotta make it up to 10th prestige and then level up your gun of choice 10 times. Want that coveted recon armor that didn’t exist for ever? Gotta level on up there and get into that progression system.
    And even at the basics, Rainbow Six used to be a very military driven, tactical video game. Siege is the absolute biggest slap in the R6 franchise. Cartoony graphics, cartoony/Fortnite-y fonts, no character customization, can’t choose what weapons you from a library of weapons and explosives before starting a match because specific load outs are specific to roles and characters now with “special abilities.” R6 took a dive with Siege, and the last good R6 game was Vegas 2.
    It’s not like creativity isn’t there, they’re just taking franchises that are already established, and taking ideas from other money making machines, and slapping it on to an established game as the “next installment.” They not only market it from there, they pay pro streamers with large gatherings of followers, to promote it. And as I’ve stated earlier - impressionable minds.
    But corporate greed doesn’t just end fresh and new ideas. They absolve smaller companies, as well. Look at all of the large corporate take overs. Microsoft has reeled in so many indie developers and small studios, that they’ve grown up to acquire larger AAA studios as well. So, when one of the small developers make that dream game, Microsoft gets to publish it and take the cut, which is like a double edged sword. The small guy gets to finally make something that they poured their heart and soul into, and it gets published and people play it and praise it, but through acquisitions, Microsoft takes the slice because they now own the company, and therepart, the rights of that game.
    I liked it better when the gaming industry was a free and open market, fresh with new ideas. The quarantine just didn’t ruin peoples’ personal way of life, it really ruined society as a whole, giving power to the large corporations. The gaming industry was no exception.

  • Shane Sprague
    Shane Sprague 2 개월 전

    Halo CE and Halo 2 were my favorite titles of all time, no reaching for money besides game sales outside of the competitive gaming scene that originated around the titles.
    I traveled 8-12 hours a few different times with high school friends just to play halo tournaments in the mid 2000's with people who managed to reach the top of the ranking system online, we destroyed local tournaments but this was before microtransactions and loot boxes.
    Gaming used to be fun, we got stomped at the major tournaments but this experience was way better than modern gaming has ever shown me with this greed that infatuates modern gaming studios.

  • ☭Afri-Cola☭
    ☭Afri-Cola☭ 2 년 전 +1250

    Sadly, this is happening everywhere. Gaming, music, movies you name it. The quality of everything is declining, making room for cash-grabbing garbage that for some reason the majority of people love. In what time we live in boys.

    • Ronin
      Ronin 7 개월 전 +3

      Literary everything is declining. Movies, sports, gaming etc.

    • Sahil Sahoo
      Sahil Sahoo 8 개월 전

      @Madsines that's true tou just need to avoid the annual franchises and search for some relatively older games which have reviews from players and critics.

    • Carlo Nassar
      Carlo Nassar 년 전

      You could easily prove that to Charlie of penguinz0. I mean he made a video saying that Nintendo is the _worst video-game company,_ and they're mostly not as bad as most other companies in the industry.

  • Altrunchen
    Altrunchen 3 개월 전 +1

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: AAA gaming is buckling under it's own weight. It costs a shit ton to make a AAA game, but the customer's willingness to pay is locked in some regions. MEANWHILE you have AAA companies getting more and more greedy and more interested in making Gacha-esque games that exist only to exploit "whales".

  • ELAYZA - Gaming & Art
    ELAYZA - Gaming & Art 2 개월 전

    I feel the same, such a disappointing time we live in

  • Andrew Leister-Frazier
    Andrew Leister-Frazier 3 개월 전

    What a fantastic video! Yeah I'm a game developer and maybe I lack the imagination or something, but I'm finding it hard to innovate. So many amazing games have already been made.

  • therealCamoron
    therealCamoron 2 개월 전 +1

    My dude, as someone in his mid 30s, videogames have always been about greed. We all have fond memories of Nintendo but in the late 80s and early 90s they had an absolute stranglehold on the market, and even sued Blockbuster Video to try to get more money out of the burgeoning videogame rental industry.

  • Marten Laane
    Marten Laane 8 개월 전 +597

    When you see that one of the selling points on a single-player game is "No Microtransactions." You understand that gaming has just gone down.

    • Daniel Faress
      Daniel Faress 2 개월 전 +1

      Greed And Advanced Technology is The Main Reason's Not To Mention Were Spoiled With Gaming in 2022

    • Michael Pettersson
      Michael Pettersson 3 개월 전 +5

      That is easily changed by selling mods to the game.

  • killerfluffy
    killerfluffy 4 개월 전 +1

    hmm. Having played video games from the early 1980s I would say the nature of both video games and gamers has changed dramatically over the past 40 years. A lot of those 1980s games, even with modern graphics, would likely not appeal to a wide enough audience to be as successful as more modern ones. Games have gotten easier over all i(but more varied, and also more competitive multiplier) over the years. I agree that there has been a decline in quality over the last 5 years or so especially. This imo is mainly due to the fact that most gaming companies are now publicly traded companies and there is pressure every quarter to deliver lots of sales revenue and monetization is a much bigger thing. The willingness to take risks on new content is likely much lower. The temptation is to concentrate on proven IP and make sequels (kind of like the movie industry these days).. On the other hand we've been here before: see video game crash of 1983 where the industry shrunk by almost 90% (also look up ET game).

  • Ziplock Creations
    Ziplock Creations 3 개월 전 +1

    I'm 40 years old and I'm still hopeful for a true Banjo Kazooie sequel or graphical remaster of the original.
    It'd be awesome to see a collection of Rare titles made anew with that modern day visual fidelity.
    Most of the newer games, movies, comic books, tv shows, etc. decline can be traced back to the writer's strike of 09'.
    ....Then the woke identitarian politics came for all.

  • Karlo Bicierro
    Karlo Bicierro 2 개월 전

    I am still polarized on remakes and remasters. I think they're swell as long as innovation is still the focal point. I am a nostalgia guy and i think a lot of developers capitalize on that.

  • Person Reanimation
    Person Reanimation 7 일 전 +2

    I don't want to feel like I am walking into a casino arcade everytime I boot up a fucking game that I purchased. A tip of the hat to games that give me a full game at launch.

  • Bojaxs
    Bojaxs 10 개월 전 +975

    It's a case of "be careful what you wish for".
    I remember back in the early 2000's during the (IMO) the peak PC gaming years, gamers were complaining about the video game industry not getting the same respect or treatment as the music and film industry.
    Some gamers wanted their hobby to be legitimized by having video games go mainstream. Not seen as just for nerds.
    Well, video games are now mainstream. Can we honestly say things have gotten better because of it?

    • braingazer...
      braingazer... 3 개월 전

      @Nick the Pick eminem is mainstream. Undergound hip hop still exists though, like damu the fudgemunk

    • ButterMilkJesus
      ButterMilkJesus 3 개월 전 +1

      Why you gotta speak facts? 🤐

    • Carey Barber
      Carey Barber 4 개월 전


    • Nick the Pick
      Nick the Pick 4 개월 전 +1

      @Ty Agreed. Update patches are a liability. Plus, imo, the problem with mainstream rap is that it goes too fast and I can't understand "Hood Lingo". Eminem for example, is understandable, and meaningful.

    • Ty
      Ty 4 개월 전 +2

      Just look at mainstream rap vs underground rap these days.. the problem is video games are deeper than this it’s deeper than music, and I can’t see it really ever being the same. The problem too is like he said, the form of “updating” a game… before that was never an option and in computer games like RuneScape it was far fetched and constantly tried to get away from and today they use that as a second option while games in the past used it as a LAST RESORT and before that there was no updating games.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 개월 전

    I felt this way until I played hunt showdown. Ain’t played another game since 2019. There is hope smaller companies like crytek can make new and originally sound games like we used to get! If you like shooters and creativity and a new approach try it out. It’s hard with a learning curve unlike any other but it’s so worth it.

  • Dennis Stewart, III
    Dennis Stewart, III 2 개월 전

    Id love to make a game or two just to appeal to the wide audience of gamers who want original games again.

  • S K
    S K 2 개월 전

    I’ve come to realize that there is no next. Gaming has reached its peak. There is no next after games like Oblivion, Fallout, Halo 3, CoD, etc. When these games came out they were revolutionary. Unfortunately every game since then has essentially been the same thing with better graphics, to be honest the mechanics are worse on most of the predecessors to these legendary games.
    As a kid I thought “oh wow I can’t imagine what comes after Halo 3” but I was wrong, I didn’t have to imagine what came after Halo 3 because they’ve all been the same game with a different story, slightly improved graphics, and some switch up in the player mechanics. It’s like these companies switch up the player mechanics just so they can say they did something when in reality their changes to the mechanics usually make the game worse.

  • Moist Toucan
    Moist Toucan 3 개월 전

    Two years after this video and games still haven't seen much improvement. It's at the point that I've picked up fishing and hunting to fill my free time. I don't have to worry about a fish glitching out of a deer or a randomly spawning sandwich messing up my day. It seems if you want to find a good game, either play Nintendo exclusively or focus on small indie titles.

  • DrewPicklesTheDark
    DrewPicklesTheDark 년 전 +818

    EA Interviewer: It seems your application is only half filled out.
    Applier: The other half is $19.99
    EA Interviewer: You're hired.

  • Dame Polk
    Dame Polk 3 개월 전 +21

    I'm part of the Generation X demographic. I'm glad I experienced gaming when I did. Gaming today is micro-transactions and subscription services. After you have paid over $60 bucks for a game, the companies want you to still keep paying them. Screw that. Gas is high.🎮

    • JJ Graham
      JJ Graham 2 개월 전 +1

      I am gen z and no longer play games. They no longer appeal to me

    • Legion
      Legion 2 개월 전 +1

      If you think $60 is cheap check mmorpgs like WoW where you need to spend $100 just to buy the game and then $15 monthly sub

    • Daniel Faress
      Daniel Faress 2 개월 전 +2

      2010's is When Gaming Started Declining The 1980s To 2000s Were So Fucking Good

  • asdddasd asdddasdd
    asdddasd asdddasdd 2 개월 전

    There's still a few amazing games out there, and modding in modern time, it just much harder to come by.

  • Basement Prophet
    Basement Prophet 3 개월 전 +4

    Back here because of Diablo Immortal. How right you have been about the industry and the decline of gaming.

    OSAMA HAMADA 개월 전 +1

    The indie scene is still full of innovation, it represents what gaming used to be

  • Ryan Paquette
    Ryan Paquette 2 년 전 +1685

    I miss local multiplayer being way more common.

    • Kasok13
      Kasok13 년 전 +1

      society changed just like videogames

    • Bonniebell Roberts
      Bonniebell Roberts 년 전

      I don't care about local multiplayer. It's I my for children. Once you got a job, a girlfriend, move out of the city because of some bs... Local multiplayer is useless.

    • Taylor Sterling
      Taylor Sterling 년 전

      Unfortunately that only lasts until high school. Once people get jobs/start University and start saving for a house.
      Local multiplayer is only a thing for childhood :/

    • Deep Blue Azure
      Deep Blue Azure 2 년 전 +3

      I miss playing with my cousins on Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition.

  • looker999997
    looker999997 개월 전

    I tried searching Steam for a strategy MMO I could enjoy. I soon realized:
    - If it's turn-based and multiplayer-only, there's a 80% chance it's a CCG, i.e. the OG lootbox peddlers.
    - A few more are browser-style strategy games, the sort of thing where you wait a lot. Probably the most blatantly Pay2Win genre in existence.
    - Whatever game I found from the 2010s onwards would definitely be riddled with microtransactions. Hell, Atlantica Online is, and that's a game from the 2000s. Little to no chance of finding something new that's satisfied with just a subscription.
    So I gave up on finding *any* good game in the genre. This is what console gamers must have felt like just before the 1983 crash. But there's not going to be another one because millions of young gamers these days have no standards for what's a good game that doesn't reach for your wallet all the time.

    PLATINHO 2 개월 전

    amazing channel. congratulations on being so good

  • Eirikur Sigurðarson
    Eirikur Sigurðarson 2 개월 전

    I remember witnessing a glitch the first time in my life, I don’t remember what game it was but it was in the early 2000’s so it was a rare occurrence and I remember the reaction I gave it was the same most people would react to the second coming of Christ, it was just so rare to see glitches happen and games were released in a finished state back then but now, if I witness a fucked up glitch that causes NPC’s to have missing heads I don’t even think I’d react to it because this is normal in the modern world. There’s nothing more normal then to pay good money for a game that’s in a non playable state. The new BF is a perfect example, worst 80USD I’ve ever spent.

  • Pindi Animations.
    Pindi Animations. 2 개월 전 +2

    Games were made with passion in the past, now there's a new thing in recent years called crunch.
    There is no emotion in the new games. I honestly see more emotions of the developers in old Sonic games than the new call of duty aeries.

  • Alex Colegate
    Alex Colegate 2 년 전 +3767

    The online only is a scam. There is no reason that I should need internet for Residentevil 1 remastered when it has no online functionality.

    • Joe Benson
      Joe Benson 년 전

      @Captain Crunch
      As a PC gamer the online only spyware did not prevent me form getting the game. Intellectual Property Laws are blatant fraud. As long as the industry ignores buyers remorse the patriots will continue to crack their DRM ridden Chinese owned spyware garbage.

    • Tyler willard
      Tyler willard 년 전


    • SuhasOP
      SuhasOP 년 전

      @Naruku2121 true

    • miso2271
      miso2271 년 전

      @Von Faustien fuck these anticheats and drms. I spent 4 hours figuring out why can't i connect to a friends minecraft server until i finally learned he has like 3 different games with kernel anticheats i told him to turn all of that shit off right now and restart and SURPRISE SURPRISE it started working

  • Ctrlaltwtf
    Ctrlaltwtf 2 개월 전

    As I hear each point and correlate it with my own experiences, for some reason Return of the Obra Dinn kept popping up in my head. I realized it's because that was the latest game I've played that truly felt like the antithesis of all the complaints enumerated in this video. That game was complete, bug-free as far as I'm aware, trailblazing, highly unique and instantly memorable. And it didn't waste any energy trying to convince you to play it forever or even more than just once. Just "here's this great game, play it, like it. wasn't that cool?"

  • Rae Larson
    Rae Larson 4 개월 전 +2

    One thing that is good that's coming out of AAA title being shit, is we've seen many indie developers that have gotten their chance to shine through the muck. Hollow Knight is the first thing that comes to mind with FREE DLC CONTENT

    FIRAKINA 3 개월 전 +1

    Thanks for this video, it will influence some developers in the future to go back to the roots!

    • Daniel Faress
      Daniel Faress 2 개월 전 +1

      The Roots Being 2000s And 1900s Definitely Not The 2010s

  • Adam Philipps
    Adam Philipps 2 개월 전 +3

    The main problem with gaming is that it has became far too cinematic. Like you stated in the video the graphics, story telling, animation's have exploded in quality, but this has led a lot of the AAA studios down the wrong path trying to turn games into movies, so mass audiences can consume them. Games are games their biggest pillar's will always be the physics engine they use, and the options and tactics they give to the player to overcome the games challenges and puzzles. The gameplay is the horse and the storytelling is the buggy.

    • Heywood Jablome
      Heywood Jablome 2 개월 전

      Sony is probably one of the worst offenders of giving us over-glorified interactive movies masquerading themselves as "video games with cinematic cutscenes".

  • JDGustOfWindDance.
    JDGustOfWindDance. 년 전 +988

    The problem is that “consumers” and “gamers” let them. The fans are part of the problem, too.

    • kiss me
      kiss me 8 개월 전 +3

      It's Simp Generation. If they had a DLC to change Lara Croft's underwear from sky blue to pink you damn well people are going to buy it. That is the update

    • Ryukuss
      Ryukuss 10 개월 전 +1

      its the kids today its not just gaming

    • Godnyx
      Godnyx 10 개월 전 +1

      The fans is the biggest part of the problem!

    • JDGustOfWindDance.
      JDGustOfWindDance. 11 개월 전

      @Swagga Dash the last CoD game I personally bought for myself was Big Red One.

    • Swagga Dash
      Swagga Dash 11 개월 전

      People still buying cod games like it's hot shit lol

  • MrHakis
    MrHakis 2 개월 전

    In the last couple of years, senior game developers from former Industry leaders like Blizzard and Bioware have left to build their own gaming companies. My hope is that the next generation of great games comes from these companies. These developers are already rich, and I hope that the artistic freedom leads to great games, like the ones we used to have.
    I may be wrong, but at least there is hope.

  • Pandamonia
    Pandamonia 2 개월 전

    In part it’s also the fault of the consumer. Despite the fact that we keep complaining about these broken games and bullshit micro transactions, people still keep buying it meaning the developers have no incentive to change. Consumers have become too complacent with the quality of recent games and don’t act on the internet noise that they make.

  • Emperor Xitler
    Emperor Xitler 2 개월 전 +1

    When I was a child you never knew what a game would be. It was a richly varied landscape. One game was the antithesis of another and as you said companies produced games at a much more frequent pace. I haven't even touched a console in a couple generations (which have become longer) and only play the same couple Steam games. They brainwashed zoomers into being loot box gambling addicts, so I don't think we'll ever have the old gaming industry back. Kids know nothing of how it was and are too off put by dated graphics to even give those titles a try.

    • alex nixon
      alex nixon 2 개월 전 +1

      Yup give me my ps3 and all those games that were single player for my gaming itch. And they don't look bad honestly

  • Josh
    Josh 2 개월 전

    great video. thanks for putting this together

  • Gregory Mirabella
    Gregory Mirabella 년 전 +900

    the saddest part is that this is what newer generations are stuck with. they'll think that this shit is normal.

    • kiss me
      kiss me 8 개월 전

      @Daniel Salyers 🤣What kind of world we live in when a kid says in-game currency

    • your average florida boy
      your average florida boy 년 전

      @Joe Benson please stop

    • Abel Alvarez
      Abel Alvarez 년 전

      @NS 317 Sounds like a much better idea instead. I'd rather take that.

    • Forcoy
      Forcoy 년 전 +1

      @Leon der Luftige because most AAA games are designed to be endless so they can suck out as much money as possible. Most indie games aren't like that. And the ones who are endless are still played today. It's just that there aren't many.

    • Leon der Luftige
      Leon der Luftige 년 전

      @Forcoy I don't know but I am 100% sure they didn't play it for a long time.
      While AAA keep players at one game easily for 10years nowadays.

  • Henry Quinonez
    Henry Quinonez 3 개월 전

    This was a kick ass video and so true! As long as people keep paying for crap, they will get crap!

  • Ryan Duncan
    Ryan Duncan 2 개월 전

    What really frustrates me about Valve is that even Ubisoft was able to give the first Farcry a 64 bit patch, same for UT2004 from Epic and that was within 2 or 3 years. Valve has had since 2009 to make a 64 bit patch of L4D2 so that it makes use of more memory and they have been too lazy to do it

  • David Bartz
    David Bartz 3 개월 전

    On one hand, I can understand some purchasable unlocks. Those that have very limited time just can't invest hours into a game in order to unlock certain characters, so just buying them makes the game more enjoyable for more people. A decent example of this is R6 Siege. The extra characters and skins you're going to be able to unlock just by virtue of playing the game anyway. Unless you're super casual it doesn't take long. There's also the insane amount of money from hats that can be purchased or found from Team Fortress 2. They in absolutely no way affect the game and are purely cosmetic. So there's absolutely no reason you need to buy them. But if someone wants to digitally burn money then whatever.
    The other side of this is games that deliberately make it extremely difficult to play a game or be competitive without additional purchases. Examples of this would be games like Battlefield 3 / 4 where most servers move over to new maps every time that a new DLC pack was dropped which meant finding servers playing the base map or getting dropped on map change was frequent. Or the fact that they would release maps from the older games that you might already own but you must buy again to play on the newer version. The worse was the "premium queue" that meant if you were a pleb you were constantly losing out on joining a server with your friends as those with "premium" would get priority.
    As much as I want to blame manufacturers for this, I think the real blame is the market that we as consumers have made. How many people buy the new version of Madden every single year only to then drop more cash on MUT (or Fifa, NBA, NHL, etc)? The only reason the company can do this is because we make it financially viable. We as consumers must stop buying games on pre-release and need to leave bad reviews for games that are released buggy or before completion, especially AAA titles.

  • The Unhappy Gamer
    The Unhappy Gamer 2 개월 전 +1

    I don't think I would of listed all the remasters as a bad thing. Remasters allow new players to discover older titles on modern hardware. And I don't think it was a bad thing that there so many years between GTAV and Red Dead Redemption 2 as you can tell where all that time they put into RDR2 went when you play it. I'm glad Rockstar doesn't release a game every year like Assassin's Creed.

  • Mike Li
    Mike Li 2 년 전 +1170

    People who purchase all those micro-transactions in games only prolong this problem!

    • kiss me
      kiss me 8 개월 전

      I don't think they're that bad if they're reasonable and if it's a real game you can get invested into not the same old Call of Duty sequels.

    • CheeseMcCheese
      CheeseMcCheese 11 개월 전

      @arcusalpha Too make a high quality triple a game which doesn't have any scummy business practices and is completely finished on release costs so much money it's not justifiable for most companies to invest so much money into something only to make a small amount of profit.

    • CheeseMcCheese
      CheeseMcCheese 11 개월 전

      ​@K H "Micro-transactions are a form gambling for children" No. Loot boxes are.

    • CheeseMcCheese
      CheeseMcCheese 11 개월 전

      @arcusalpha "estimations for 2020 put the gaming sector #1 of all the entertainment industry]" That's only because of mobile games. If you remove mobile games the video game industry isn't anywhere near as profitable.

    • CheeseMcCheese
      CheeseMcCheese 11 개월 전

      @Zack Rose You honestly wasted your time. Most video game fans don't understand how expensive video games are too make.

  • DijitalPants
    DijitalPants 2 개월 전 +1

    You know what'd be hilarious? If a generation of young men were turned against capitalism by gaming. A Red Army marches on Washington inspired by loot crates in Bethesda's Red Army VII: The Red and The Undead

  • Evan Amo
    Evan Amo 2 개월 전

    I can sum it up well, I believe. Before internet gaming, the game had to be LEGIT out of the box. Metal Gear Solid relied on incredible storytelling, music, and action. There were no DLCs to buy, no lobbies to wait in, and no updates necessary. It is timeless forever and it's amazing. Everything now is an unjustified cashgrab and who can blame them game companies? People are dumb enough to buy.

  • Benny Cuomo
    Benny Cuomo 2 개월 전 +3

    I like that in all of these videos the creator just turns a blind eye to indie games, it's the future man! it's not all about AAA!

    • Sven  Galt
      Sven Galt 2 개월 전

      And you know he's a hypocrite for still buying AAA titles and pre-ordering everything. This is a clout video. Grifting. We all know what this guys library looks like. He doesn't have to put his money where his mouth is because as long as he says "current thing is ______", he gets views.
      I agree with him on many issues, but at the same time we are wrong in many ways. there wouldn't be any money to be made unless people didn't want to gamble on 'loot boxes'. People buy them because they want them.
      I vote with my dollar and don't try to lie about it. Newest game I own: Subnautica (2018).

  • David Durston
    David Durston 3 개월 전 +1

    Being a 45 year old gamer One thing i notice is how hollow most open world games are boiled down to fetch quests.
    There's a lot to be said about emulation and old consoles to seek out great value in content.
    Also on the ps games store i notice sometimes when i go to deals pages that season passes and add ons are advertised before i even see a fckn game! Plus there's so much s$&t on the games store a while bunch of games that are just soulless copies of other games

  • Yuan Cui
    Yuan Cui 2 년 전 +500

    It's not just for gaming industry, it's actually happening everywhere - since today's internet brings us big DATA, investers are more relying on data than creative thoughts, since their goal is making money, and the data can convince them what to do next and what monitization system can really benefit. Shitty mobile games even are making a lot of money, some makes much more money than critical claimed AAA titles, thus makes everyone wants to take a chance. It's definetely a sad thing to see, but it's somewhat innevitable. The investors and big corporations are not dumb, they are just not trying to please the core gamers and they think outside of it them and rip so much more : ( to put it in one word - technology allows them to create money-making machines than actual products with meaningful values - greed is the word, but their goal is to make more money in the first place isn't it : ( Problem is, Developers are passionate people with no money to spend x x

    • YouCanCallMeReTro
      YouCanCallMeReTro 2 년 전

      A. S. Cable television has, but not streaming services. Streaming services are thriving and making some good content

    • Mega Zeta
      Mega Zeta 2 년 전

      What an embarrassing comment and thread, where all of you try to puzzle out "what is nostalgia" and "why me feel nostalgia"

    • Alan
      Alan 2 년 전

      @NEUTERLibs That has nothing to do with the state of video games nowadays. That is such a dumb comment. You state it like it is a single factor. Educate yourself on correlation and causality.

    • Sébastien Lalonde
      Sébastien Lalonde 2 년 전 +2

      tbh, you can look at publisher as the big corporation you speak of. If only there was a way to get rid of them and get the developer the resource they need to go solo that would probably fix a lot of issues. i'm studying programming, and for years we've been thought that product were first designed by a team of corporation executive. its happening everywhere, in every field too. hell you someone could invent a chair and if the corporate executive don't see a way to make maximum profit out of it, your product won't ever see the light of day. Sadly this is not just gaming, this is litterally the same thing happening to every industry, everywhere. this is why i want to work in a small business and not a huge corporation, because usually, small businessess don't have much investor involved in the making of their product. sadly corporation thrive because of they can just pressure any small business to close shop. most startup can't compete with with big corporation, in fact in most cases big corporation force you to go bankrupt and then buy the place, fires every employee, make a new team, and start selling. i've seen this happening to many startup i can't even count. and sadly there is legit nothing you or me can do about it, except if you become member of a corporation executive board or become the CEO or buy most action of a big corp there is no way this will change. Gotta have the money to make it happen. sadly most people who have money, just want more of it.

    • Shamway Moonyos
      Shamway Moonyos 2 년 전 +2

      Yep well put. Taking a risk can be bad for investors if things do not sell well. They will much rather play it safer and not take risks and use the same but slightly modified formula to release a game and make that money. Broken game? Oh, will fix with some patches! Yeah...sure...

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 3 개월 전 +1

    Corporations ruin absolutely everything. WoW died when Blizzard was bought out by Activision.

  • EggaBacon
    EggaBacon 4 개월 전 +1

    See, this is why I want to start collecting old consoles and games, so I can experience what people who were alive way back then experienced with gaming

    • OGpucci
      OGpucci 3 개월 전

      same, but it's not the same this guy is exaggerating nostalgia is a strong emotion in my head I thought tekken 3 was a great game but when I recently played it, I didn't like it at all. so it wouldn't do anything good

  • My Random Stuff
    My Random Stuff 2 개월 전

    Honestly I've seen this trend happening since like modern warfare 2. It felt like exactly the same game to me as MW1. Shocker.

  • Violet Black
    Violet Black 3 개월 전 +3

    Justice for The Act Man

  • Isaiah 40:22
    Isaiah 40:22 년 전 +468

    Politics, greed, lack of passion for games, the unwillingness to take risks, lack of customer lash back for unfinished games releasing, and the cost of making a AAA game with modern graphics is hurting gaming.

    • CharcoalBriquette
      CharcoalBriquette 9 개월 전

      @Bro 1

    • RayytheHomeyy
      RayytheHomeyy 10 개월 전 +2

      @BamBam While I do blame these developers for complacency, the fans today are just as much to blame in both the movie and gaming worlds. They put up with it and don't expect much anyway. How many superheroes are we gonna have? People complain about it, yet they're still bringing in billions. You seen one you've seen them all. No creativity or originality. The gaming world, every other year it's a remaster or remake, they all suck, and people still get hyped for it. If there is one thing both worlds are cashing for people to rely on, its nostalgia. Just like ActMan is pretty much stating here.

    • BamBam
      BamBam 10 개월 전 +1

      This is exactly what i feel is wrong with the video game industry. Much like the movie industry.

    • L.Perpenhente
      L.Perpenhente 10 개월 전 +4

      Realistic Graphics is a fruitless effort that does nothing but bloated memory sizes

    • Jake Nguyen
      Jake Nguyen 10 개월 전 +9

      @Priya i think the correct term would be "political correctness" .

  • darkySp
    darkySp 3 개월 전 +1

    This is the point where piracy can turn into something healthy for the AAA game market, quality-wise.
    You publish a broken game ? Sure thing, I'll pirate it. I'll play your trash, because I want something new to play through. But you won't profit from it.
    I have a job, I have a good PC. Piracy is not my only way to play games like it used to. I'm willing to pay 40 bucks for 2 year passes of purely cosmetic additions for a game I really enjoy. I would pay full price for a game that deserves it. I would buy Premium Editions for games I like.
    But I will not waste my money on a broken product anymore.
    You can't buy a bike that's missing it's wheels with the price and promise that it's ready to be driven right out the shop. "Oh, but don't worry! We'll add your front wheel in 3 months and your rear wheel in 5 or 6. It'll be drivable after that!"
    As for indie developers; they deserve more attention that AAA games. It's worth to venture into the less marketed games and experience unique ideas. And it's even cheaper than AAA games!

  • Laure Line
    Laure Line 2 일 전

    Genshin Impact is truly revolutionary as it is a high quality game that built everything around the continuous updates both for the benefits of the developers and the players, and is enjoyable at every level of spending from ftp to whales.

  • Devonh 117
    Devonh 117 3 개월 전 +1

    i feel like the past 3 years or so people are often going back and playing old retro games/classics rather than playing whatever is coming out next. Todays games have been nothing but a bore or a cash grab.