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Can I Beat THE BEST Halo Infinite Pro In a 1v1?! (Lucid)

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  • 게시일 2022. 02. 18.
  • I challenged one of, if not, THE best Halo Infinite Pro Players to a 1v1 and the results were.... probably what you expect. But! It's a very fun video with some great montages and amazing plays. Lucid plays for Optic Gaming and is considered one of the best Infinite players right now! He certainly proved it...
    Lucid's Twitch ► www.twitch.tv/luciid_tw
    Lucid's KRclip ► krclip.com/user/LucidTWW
    Also, yes, I took this video down because it was like blacklisted, but it's staying up now.
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    Special thanks to Lucid for humoring me and teaching me some tips. I may upload a longer version of this video to Act Man TV

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  • The Act Man


  • USAirsoft

    We gather here to mourn the tragic devastation that fell onto The Acting Male

  • Michael Ramon

    Act Man's brilliant strategy: Die so many times that Lucid runs out of ammo and becomes defenseless.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Mad props for The Act Man in getting that one kill at least, this just goes to show how high of a skill ceiling it is to be a master at Halo.

  • Yearlonggiant

    Painting yourself as the underdog was the smart approach, Lucid was nearly unstoppable until he made one miscalculation that gave you the killjoy. Nicely done Act Man

  • Omnipotent Punch

    Really generous of act man to give lucid them 27 kills. Too bad he had to lay it on him with that 1 kill and just really show his dominance in the first game.

  • IIOver9000
    IIOver9000  +744

    You got the balls of Master Chief to try, awesome content dude 🤘🏼

  • TacoBlingCholo

    Act Man : 1 kill

  • Alexander Jones

    Act Man: "He is the

  • Jojo
    Jojo  +294


  • Nuclear Nadal


  • LumbyMcGumby

    Lucid seems like such a chill dude I would love to 1v1 him (I know I would lose too but it would definitely be fun)

  • ArtHollow
    ArtHollow  +23

    The editing on this was unbelievably entertaining. Those Dragon Ball edits never got old.

  • Qu
    Qu  +122

    This is more Halo Infinite content than 343 has given us in 3 months.

  • Eric Rawnsley

    Respect to you for putting you're total ass kicking on KRclip for the world go see.

  • xNoah246x
    xNoah246x  +61

    The editing in this is awesome! I loved the olympics bit haha

  • Oh
    Oh  +148

    Sees the video title

  • Joshy Boy
    Joshy Boy  +19

    The Act Man didn't lose; he just allowed Lucid to win.

  • 5Izzy5
    5Izzy5  +6

    Wow his map & spawn knowledge is insane, and with the reflexes and aim you had no chance. GGS. This was entertaining.

  • Punished "Venom" Snake

    No. No, he can't. But he did get 5 or 6 kills in one game to Lucid's 25! That's pretty good imo