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DICE Is Incompetent & Out of Touch (Battlefield 2042)

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  • 게시일 2022. 02. 14.
  • Since the release of Battlefield 2042, DICE and EA have proven just how incompetent and out of touch they are with the Battlefield franchise and their fanbase. And I'm going to tell you why...
    Battlefield 2042 Is a Broken DISASTER ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hUx5...
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  • The Act Man


  • SomeSteven

    To be fair, your bullets hitting the enemy is a legacy feature

  • Nicholas Hayley

    Can't wait for the next Battlefield. 5 months into its life cycle, we'll get:

  • Memnon
    Memnon  +1

    DICE: "Get rid of in game voice chat, we don't want people to say mean things."

  • Frank
    Frank  +1

    Players: "This game is extreamly broken, and it's a total downgrade!"

  • dualwieldroxas358

    A moment of silence for the EA devs who blamed Halo Infinite for the poor performance of Battlefield 2042. Logic is completely gone in that company

  • HBFB
    HBFB  +225

    "If you dont like it,don't buy it" legendary quote of dice when they got criticized for bf5. Shameless bastards lmao

  • Cameron Powell

    “Doesn’t deserve a review” is so fucking insulting to a game and you’re 150% correct in saying it.

  • kamomo hilda

    "Don't fight your customers. If they are happy, they'll give you what make you happy, which is money."

  • Dr.Martex
    Dr.Martex  +443

    Dice: "Am I so out of touch? No... It's the consumers who are wrong."

  • Rye Bread
    Rye Bread  +79

    It’s a disturbingly common thing in recent years for big companies to respond to fan criticism this way.

  • Roni Järvinen

    It is hilarious how BF managed to kill itself even though COD played it all into their hand for years by re-releasing the same game. I cannot imagine how you could f up a plate of food served into your face.

  • TheMincraftCreeper

    Act man: “Its like making it illegal to drive cars because car crashes happen.”

  • mr horse legs

    When they said next level destruction I didn’t think they meant the destruction of the battlefield franchise

  • kvdr
    kvdr  +128

    I bet my ass that the only DICE veterans left in the studio are people behind the engine itself, engineers with the biggest paychecks. People actually designing games are paid less and probably left the studio long time ago

  • carpedukem
    carpedukem  +116

    This really described it perfectly: "Players want BF4 with movement of BF5 and the atmosphere of BF1."

  • Dan Mchugh
    Dan Mchugh  +165

    The sooner gamers realise ‘live service’ is just code for ‘demo game’ and stop paying full price for these shambles the better.

  • Carmine Galante

    DICE did an amazing thing here.

  • Biorythmic

    Getting rid of the scoreboard to remove "toxicity" is like getting rid of your cars dashboard so you can "drive better".

  • jediorsith24

    Never forget that DICE tried to tell us Battlefield performing poorly is Halo Infinite’s fault