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The Continued Decline of Overwatch 2
Blizzard just announced an update to the highly anticipated PVE mode of Overwatch 2!! It's cancelled... Completely scrapped. Yet another example of the continued decline of Blizzard and Overwatch 2. Very sad to see.
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  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 24 초 전

    "Look, capitalism is doing something bad 😮😮😮"

  • Iconic
    Iconic 44 초 전

    can you view call of duty mobile?

  • Jay and Night ASMR
    Jay and Night ASMR 56 초 전

    I still find pvp worse than ever. I tried playing last week with my partner and friend, and it was still not fun. Especially playing support it's a nightmare

  • Meitti
    Meitti 분 전

    You see a ton of creativity once you just pay more attention to the indies or even AA studios. Its the same issue as with movies where Hollywood decline is giving more space for the more creative indies to thrive. Halo Infinite is dead? Theres plenty of cool indie boomer shooters for low price (newest one Boltgun), start playing them instead.

  • kitsunahri
    kitsunahri 분 전

    so this game turned from overwatch two, into overwatch too

  • Abdullah Naeem

    there is a game called shatterline which has both PVP and PVE in it. In the PVE theres a rougelike mode and story driven content. Like how this is a Ukraine based studio and holy fuck there game is better then blizzard a big ass company.

  • Nobal Kain
    Nobal Kain 2 분 전

    Its truly shocking how people dont understand Sarcasm on Twitter... wait no its not. Look people on Twitter honestly believe some of the most insane things these days that you pretty much have to take things at Face Value. Just dont assume people are going to understand your Sarcasm, or even better just dont do it.

  • Neko
    Neko 2 분 전

    I lost hope after seeing the quality of the "starwars" event intro cinematic seen better animation from 5 year olds

  • LemonJezus
    LemonJezus 3 분 전

    love me some duke nukem soundtracks 5:10

  • ASAP Dankachu
    ASAP Dankachu 3 분 전

    They really dropped a game patch and called it a new game. Sigh.....I really wanted the pve too.

  • Fluffi Tuffz
    Fluffi Tuffz 4 분 전

    So their not including a main thing that was advertised to the consumer in their game? I smell a lawsuit in the works.

  • M1A1RTI
    M1A1RTI 4 분 전

    This is why i feel gaming is losing its soul

  • Tim Miller II
    Tim Miller II 5 분 전

    This is by far the worst gaming generation.

  • TheManTheMythThePanda

    "Did you lose your talent" Weeeell yes most of them left the company actually 😅

  • Grim1
    Grim1 6 분 전

    The executives used the developers to say that pve was cancelled so the developers would get the blame and not Blizzard.

  • Haggysack2k8
    Haggysack2k8 6 분 전

    5:27 Dev: "...Do crazy things, like Junkrat can duel wield grenade launchers..." Me: *Suprised Pikachu face, switched to mischievous big fucking smile* Me then: *Overly crazingly excited* "Hue hue hue, HOW TO CHANGE MYSELF FROM A REINHARDT MAIN TO JUNKRAT MAIN ==> FEKKIN DUEL WIELD BITCH!!!" Blizzard: "You think you do, but you don't." *PVE CANCELLED!* Me: *YOU DIED*

  • Victor Cheney
    Victor Cheney 7 분 전

    Please remaster it, someone

  • Arash Akbari
    Arash Akbari 7 분 전

    100 percent Agreed. But there's studio's like respawn which they just do nothing. I mean that literally. Wonder why no one talks about it when respawn decided to scrap story missions and replace it with comics. Still there is no cross progression in apex. New ranked system is garbage. Shitty battlepass which the only positive thing about it unlike overwatch is that it gives coins for your next bp. More importantly there is nothing new. I've played this game since its season one btw. What I'm saying is blizzard is a greedy company for sure but there are shittier studios like respawn. Cant wait for Declined of apex video👌.

  • Kolbenarm
    Kolbenarm 8 분 전


  • elonwhatever
    elonwhatever 9 분 전

    The only reason for me to play ow2 would have been the pve/ story mode. I'm not surprised they cancelled it, past for the course for Activision blizzard. At least I won't have to deal with their exploitative shit anytime soon

  • Michelle Rahe
    Michelle Rahe 9 분 전


  • Alex MaGanda
    Alex MaGanda 9 분 전

    its not even that fun the fact that pve is dead nah no ty id rather support another game then ever buying a product from blizzard ever again we have to hurt them where it hurts wich is money the sole reason they cancelled it

  • Kyle Hudson
    Kyle Hudson 9 분 전

    "Does this mean overwatch is back" "NOO!!!!!" meme has never been truer.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 10 분 전

    Blizzard isn't the real issue, Activision is the real issue. Blizzard has no say, only Activision does. Ow2 is objectively worse in every way. 5v5 was tested in the original. They said themselves it wasn't fun, it was underwhelming. You have a big cast of heroes now there is less match up, more imbalance, characters that have no real purpose or role. Not mentioning deep rock as a game you play with your buddies shows a lack of pve experience.

  • On God?
    On God? 10 분 전

    They are releasing free LGBTQ skins so we can forget about this soon

  • Friedlizard
    Friedlizard 11 분 전

    9:37 Yes, very much yes. Older, more experienced devs leaving mostly.

  • Howard Zhang
    Howard Zhang 11 분 전

    OW2 is on a decline and Counter Strike is on an unstoppable rise, how interesting

  • Michelle Rahe
    Michelle Rahe 13 분 전


  • TaddiestMason
    TaddiestMason 14 분 전

    I want Microsoft to bundle servers for your games with their Game Pass subscription. Let me and my buddies get some private dedicated servers for some of those many, many MANY crafting/survival games on Game Pass. Figure out a pricing tier to get like 3, 6, 9, or more servers for the different games you play. Microsoft is dropping the ball by adding so many games to Game Pass they would want you to stay subbed to it for and play with your friends-then it doesn't include some dedicated servers for your games? I know it's not related to the topic of the video. I just have no faith in AAA gaming and put all my time and attention towards indies. It's just impossible to play some of them longer term cause it's not economically feasible to keep half a dozen or even 3 different dedicated servers for different games you and your buddies play going longer term. But if it was bundled in with a subscription service that gave you other games to play too? Well, that's money well spent. I would pay $30 a month on Game Pass to get a couple dedicated servers for my games too-would you?

  • Paulo Pinto
    Paulo Pinto 15 분 전

    The problem is not the overwatch is not performing in results, is the diablo fanbase giving 2 millions a day in microtransactions, makes me sick if you spend money in that sheit, if you enter any corporate environment you see that blizzard is a private company so profit is the goal, normal if they cash those easy bucks in diablo

  • Michelle Rahe
    Michelle Rahe 15 분 전

    Way better then the cod ww2.. THE ENEMY IS BUILDING A BRIDGEEE

  • Jaydeebishop
    Jaydeebishop 15 분 전

    I dont play overwatch but "After nine years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait." - Gaben

  • NextGenGamers
    NextGenGamers 16 분 전

    Problem is not OW2. Problem is it erased OW1

  • Garak
    Garak 16 분 전

    Great video, they deserve to be called out. I would have also liked to see these points also covered: 1) Jeff Kaplan and other senior OW devs leaving. 2) The 3 year gap between OW1 and 2 bring only updates that should have taken at most 1 year. 3) The timing of the decision to cancel PvE and still leading players on (i.e. it was axed just before launch but they still advertised it). You could still milk this for more content ;)

  • Quinn
    Quinn 16 분 전

    I love how blizzard is making themselves such a shining example of capitalisms failures, we don’t even have to point it out.

  • HIStateOfMind
    HIStateOfMind 16 분 전

    Casuals have ruined gaming in general....which theres really nothing anyone can do about its sad though

  • David Dispenser
    David Dispenser 20 분 전

    Now talk about why MW2 was the worst multiplayer experience yet in cod

  • AgentZeroNine1
    AgentZeroNine1 21 분 전

    I'll keep buying/playing games like Ghost of Tsushima, God of War: Ragnarok, Persona 5, Elden Ring, Yakuza, Spiderman, Horizon, Breath of the Wild and indie games like Blasphemous, Hades, Spelunky, etc. Watching these service looter shooters, F2P, etc games abuse their base has been entertaining. Those same people who have been burnt are always the first back in line to get burnt again.

  • AC 86
    AC 86 22 분 전

    At what point does this become illegal? I honestly think there biggest fuck up was not charging for the game, they should of just let OW1 die off, charge £40 for OW2 and ship it with PvE a year later.

  • Rukako
    Rukako 23 분 전

    Decline? Bruh, that's like the understatement of the century. What we're witnessing is a deliberate suicidal nosedive.

  • Niyu Cuatro
    Niyu Cuatro 24 분 전

    I'm pretty sure talent loss has been a problem in Blizzard too.

  • Xandroy
    Xandroy 24 분 전

    How could anyone insinuate with a straight face (pun intended) that Ella Freya looks ugly and like a man?

  • MikeTheGreek
    MikeTheGreek 25 분 전

    In this game the cosmetics are TRASH. Some are cool but you need a HUUUGGGEEEE grind just to get 1 emote. Wtf is this? But I'm not gonna complain anymore. F BLIZZARD AND F OW2.

  • Sai K
    Sai K 25 분 전

    Maybe if they stopped working on weapon inspects and on fire systems they would actually have the time and money to finish the pve modes

  • Harry Millar
    Harry Millar 26 분 전

    Act Man, you didn’t point out the most significant thing with this announcement: Blizzard scrapped the campaign internally over a year ago. So when they released Overwatch 2 PvP and told us to wait for PvE at a later date… THEY WERE LYING! They had absolutely NO intention of giving us the PvE Campaign! I’m boycotting Overwatch; there was literally only one reason OW2 existed and it’s gone now.

  • sken
    sken 28 분 전

    PVE shouldn't have been this grand campaign they where planning. It should have been like Payday 2 a few good core missions and then regular updates with new missions. Talent trees was a dumb idea since it would only strangle the development of new heroes so i'm glad thats gone. Hopefully the PVE missions aren't season pass exclusive fomo junk

  • Stulti
    Stulti 28 분 전

    I'm genuinely confused. I thought Diablo Immortal was some sort of trash heap cash-grab game? How did it end up making 300 mil?

  • Sassy Lost Child
    Sassy Lost Child 28 분 전

    Oh no! Oh wait, this doesn't affect the... ahem... only thing I still enjoy about Overwatch. 😜

  • Antikiller 847
    Antikiller 847 29 분 전

    I don't need an insider telling me it was a management decision cause it was just so obvious regardless. Why do folks have any faith in this company? I guarantee you they're gonna mess up the launch of Diablo 4 somehow.

  • cohiba1982
    cohiba1982 30 분 전

    The algorithm in this game is the worst ever I can go one game 45 to 10 k/d ratio then the next game get zero kills for the entire first round or if playing support heal at less then half the rate as the previous game played. I’m not buying another season I’ve been playing overwatch since the beginning I’m done!